Quinnipiac unveils modern digital lockers for package delivery

September 07, 2023

Student tapping Q-Card to retrieve package at locker

Between the Carl Hansen Student Center and the Rocky Top Student Center, more than 900 dynamic digital lockers were installed this summer for a seamless mail-delivery process.

Based on a student's residency on the Mount Carmel or the York Hill campus, they will receive an email and a text notifying them when a package arrives and which locker it is in.

There are a few ways students can open a locker to retrieve their package, such as:

  1. Tap their Q-Card at one of the kiosks

  2. Enter the four-digit code sent to their email

  3. Scanning the QR code in their email

  4. Downloading and opening an app called MyMailServices

After retrieving a package, students are able to recycle any boxes or package slips at the new recycling stations.

When students receive a letter, they will receive an email notifying them to pick it up from one of the postal windows. 

Kevin MacDougall, associate director of telephony, cabling infrastructure, and administrative services, said the university post office conducted a study to determine the number of packages delivered in a day. Typically, the average amount is 600 packages per day, however, the university post office has seen a double influx of mail.

“We have been restocking lockers at least three to four times a day,” said MacDougall.

Students on campus are thrilled to have this new system in place, so much so, that students who walked by mentioned they may even order something to try out the new digital lockers.

Bella Patel, ’26 praised the new system.

“It’s a lot faster,” said Patel. “This new process is very easy and convenient.”

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