Top 10 best places to study at Quinnipiac

July 18, 2023

Students sitting in Recreation and Wellness Center with laptop open

Quinnipiac has scenic views all over our three campuses to inspire students looking to study and complete projects throughout the week and socialize with friends.

Mount Carmel Quad

On the Mount Carmel Campus, you can find students sitting on the Quad on a nice sunny day with their picnic blankets and laptops.

Arnold Bernhard Library

There's a comfy chair for everyone in Arnold Bernhard Library to read a book, study or work on homework.

Residence Hall Common Room

Within the own comfort of your dorm, the Common Room is a great place to study and socialize with roommates.

Admissions Office

Sit and relax outside the Admissions Office's newly renovated patio in between classes or during the weekend to relax and be productive.

Center of Medicine and Nursing

On top of the medicine, health sciences and nursing building on the North Haven Campus, students can find tables and chairs to unwind, eat a meal from the dining hall and study.

School of Business

The School of Business offers study rooms and two innovation hubs that encourage students to focus on brainstorming and studying in a creative environment.

Recreation and Wellness Center

The Recreation and Wellness Center offers a beautiful view of the creek that runs through Quinnipiac, creating a tranquil place to study and do homework while also admiring the tall trees of Sleeping Giant.


Check out the Piazza above Starbucks and grab a coffee and a bite to eat with friends. Surrounding the area, there are plenty of tables available to work on projects or complete homework assignments before your next class.


The Piazza's high-top tables and cozy fireplace are the perfect areas to wind down and study with friends.

Rocky Top Student Center

Students can lie back in a lounge chair at the Rocky Top Student Center and watch the wind turbines in the distance while reading a book, studying or completing work on their laptops.

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