University tackles food insecurity with Bobcat Food Share

October 04, 2022

Photograph of various foods in the dining hall

The Bobcat Food Share program has greatly helped students facing food insecurity to gain access to enough meals since its inception in 2019.

Gina Frank, dean of graduate affairs, and Monique Drucker, vice president and dean of students, were inspired to start the program after seeing statistics about food insecurity in college. According to, 30% of all college students experienced food insecurity at some point during their college careers.

Partnered with Chartwells, the Bobcat Food Share currently offers frozen meals along with pantry items to help fuel students during the day.

Frank explained how help from those in the community has allowed the program to be successful and effective.

“Different offices, student groups and individuals donated food and gift cards to local grocery stores and monetary donations to the Bobcat Food Share program to help keep this program stocked for students in need. This was amazing for me to see our community come together and help students who are in need,” said Frank.

The students impacted by the program have also been appreciative of the support from the university community.

"This program has had a huge positive impact on my family both by helping to feed us and via moral support,” one who student who wished to remain anonymous said. “I’m a graduate student at Quinnipiac and live with my younger brother, a Quinnipiac undergrad and my mother who is on disability. Student loans and Social Security are not enough to pay the bills and support three people each month. I feel blessed daily to have the support of those around me through this program and I know others will feel that way as well.”

All Quinnipiac students are eligible to participate and Frank urges students in need to reach out without embarrassment as they operate in a way to protect students’ identities.

“If you share your story, we may be able to assist you with additional resources other than food,” said Frank. “We are confidential and discrete. We do not mark any of the containers, bags or boxes with the Bobcat Food Share logo. I have met students in the parking lot to give them food or drop them a box of food at their residence hall or home or left a box with Public Safety for the student to pick-up.”

Students looking to help in ways such as donating food or time also have the opportunity to do so by contacting Frank.

Volunteers help pack and collect food as well as raising funds for the program. Donations are welcome.

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