Student marketing coordinator brings out a taste of happiness on campus

July 19, 2023

Matthew Vogel

Matthew Vogel ’24, MS ’25, a marketing coordinator for Quinnipiac’s dining halls, plans fun, food-themed events during the fall and spring semesters to provide students with a positive boost in their day.

Some annual events hosted by the dining hall are JOYFUL, a partnership between Quinnipiac, Chartwells and the local Hamden community to donate non-perishable items to local food shelters.

Chartwells also caters for three popular events on campus, the Undergraduate Holiday Dinner, the Graduate, Law and Medicine Holiday Dinner and Earth Day. Additionally, Vogel hosted a new event for students last spring semester.

“My favorite part of my job is being able to bring my ideas to life,” said Vogel. “At the end of last semester, I hosted an event in which I delivered free ice cream to students on a homemade ice cream golf cart. This event was fun for everyone involved and its success has marked it as an annual occurrence. It was amazing to see people have fun and find joy in something I came up with.”

An average day for Vogel consists of many different tasks, he explained.

“I brainstorm ideas for content with other members of the marketing team, create content on platforms such as Canva, ensure dining halls are clean and orderly, host events for students such as free food tables and implement student feedback into current procedures.”

Vogel receives suggestions from the Quinnipiac Dining website and the Instagram account regarding food options, events and allergy questions. He understands other students’ concerns as he is one himself and wants to ensure a satisfactory experience for everyone.

“I bridge the gap between the faculty and student perspective,” said Vogel. “I can help generate food options and fun events that engage all active members on campus.”

Vogel is a public relations major and attributes the skills he has learned in the classroom as well as from his mentors at his job to have helped enhance his performance as a marketing coordinator.

“This job has been essential in my understanding of the importance of social media and digital marketing,” said Vogel. “I have learned how to fully utilize platforms like Instagram to compose unique and engaging content that raises interactivity between consumers and an organization. I have also learned about the importance of brand image and personality, which when followed, can lead individuals to feel like they have a relationship with the organization and know what to expect.”

Vogel has worked with the dining hall for the past two years and looks forward to welcoming new faces on campus this upcoming semester, he said.

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