Lifelong friendship blossoms before their orientation even began

April 28, 2017


What began as some idle scrolling became a lifelong friendship for two Quinnipiac Bobcats.

Mackenzie Campbell and Rachael Durand first met on the Class of 2019 Facebook group before orientation, immediately hitting it off as friends.
Both joining #BobcatNation from small towns in Massachusetts, the current sophomores found comfort in knowing that they had similar interests — and decided that they would likely live well together.

After two years at Quinnipiac, the duo has made the most out of the vast opportunities Quinnipiac provides its students — from participating in formal recruitment for Alpha Chi Omega and cheering on the nationally ranked men’s ice hockey team together to building snowmen along Bobcat Way and doing homework together on the Quad.

While both pursuing an education in journalism, they each found their own unique paths at Quinnipiac among the more than 140 student clubs and organizations.

Durand is a sports studies minor, pursuing her passion for athletics and is now the president and social media chair for the Quinnipiac Spirit Club and the public relations officer for the Student Veterans Organization.

“I am from a small town and the small close-knit community at Quinnipiac is what initially drew me to the school,” she said. “From then on, the picture-perfect campuses, and the expansive extracurricular opportunities enabled me to flourish as both a student and as a person."

Campbell, an international business minor, is an RA in the Mountainview Residence Hall. She serves as vice president of communications for Panhellenic Council and is a digital intern at the Office of Brand Strategy and Integrated Communications contributing to the many images, stories and livestreams you see on these pages.

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“To me, Quinnipiac has become my home,” Campbell said. “When I came to college, I was a completely different person. If it wasn’t for the numerous opportunities that Quinnipiac has provided me, I would not have the leadership positions that I have now. I am grateful to Quinnipiac for providing me with an environment that has made me feel so comfortable to be able to grow and flourish.”

Even as the two women grow at the university, they find themselves closer than ever. They share the same goals and values and are constantly working to make Quinnipiac a better place for those who want to make it their home.

“We may have had our share of ups and downs over the past two years but what friendship isn’t like that,” said Campbell. “Quinnipiac gave me one of my best friends — someone who I can call whenever I need something because she knows me better than I know myself; I can’t ask for anything more than that.”

They plan to travel abroad to Queensland, Australia next spring with other friends to further learn about the world and themselves.

Seventy-eight percent of employers recently indicated that they believe college students should gain intercultural skills and an understanding of societies and countries outside of the U.S., according to the American Association of Colleges and Universities. Campbell and Durand are well on their way to satisfying that desire.

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