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Mohammad Niamat Elahee, Ph.D., is a professor of International Business at Quinnipiac University (QU), USA. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas Pan-American, USA and an MBA from the University of New Brunswick-Fredericton, Canada. He also has a bachelor’s (Hons.) and Master’s in accounting from Dhaka University, Bangladesh.

Dr. Elahee was a US Fulbright Professor in Jordan in 2018. He also taught in several countries including Bangladesh, China, France, Egypt, and Mexico. A recipient of multiple teaching excellence awards, Dr. Elahee primarily teaches International Negotiation and International Business. His research intersects culture and various aspects of business. A widely published author, Dr. Elahee serves as a reviewer for the US Dept. of Education and multiple journals. He is also actively involved with the Hamden Rotary Club, Columbus House, and the Albert Schweitzer Institute. Dr. Elahee has appeared in various media including ABC- CT, CBS-CT, NBC-CT, Fox-CT, NPR and has published op-eds in various newspapers.


  • BCM, University of Dhaka-Bangladesh
  • MBA, University of New Brunswick
  • PHD, University Texas Pan American

Areas of Expertise

  • Conflict Management
  • Business Strategy
  • International Business
  • International Management
  • Marketing


  • Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Office Location

  • Lender School of Business 221

Mail Drop

  • SB-DNF

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Presentations

“Cold War 2.0: How the MENA countries can take advantage of US-China Trade War and Unleash Inclusive Entrepreneurship for a Sustainable Economic Growth?” . 2023 AIB-MENA Conference held in Rabat, Morocco, Dec. 10-12, 2023.

Elahee, Mohammad; Jiang, Crystal; Mohiuddin, Muhammad; & Rustambekov, Elzotbek

Academy of Int'l. Business- Middle East and North Africa, Rabat, Morocco (2023)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

"Experiential Learning in Asset Management: A Case Study."

Elahee, Mohammad; Kilic, Osman and O'Connor, Matthew

2023 AIB-MENA Conference., Rabat, Morocco. (2023)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

“Prospects and Perils of Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Higher Education in Business: A Cross-Cultural Analysis” (Coauthored with Dr. Tilo Chowdhury, Quinnipiac University and Li Shen, Juniata College, PA),

Elahee, Mohammad,; Li Shen & Ghosh-Chowdhury, Tilottama

2023 AIB-US Northeast (US-NE) Conference., Providence College, Providence, R.I. (2023)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

Dealing with Corruption While Doing Business in South Asia

Elahee, Mohammad; Mukherjee, Amit & Mamun, Khwaja

2023 AIB-US Northeast (US-NE) Conference., Providence College, Providence, R.I. (2023)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

“Global Disruptions from US-China Decoupling: Reshoring, Near-shoring and Friend-shoring and the Chinese Responses” Academy of International Business, Warsaw, Poland, July 6 – 9, 2023.

Elahee, Mohammad; Jinag, Crystal; Li Shen & Werner, Gedeon.

2023 Annual Conference of the Academy of Int'l. Business., Warsaw, Poland (2023)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

“Social Media Influencers, Impulsive Behavior Tendencies, and Cognitive Dissonance: Some Preliminary Evidence”

Agnish, Khusi; Ghosh Chowdhury, Tilottama & Elahee, Mohammad,

2023 Summer Educator Conference, American Marketing Association Summer Academic Conference., San Francisco, CA. (2023)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

“An Examination of the Role of Individualism-Collectivism Dimension of Culture on COVID-19 Pandemic: An Instrumental Variable Approach” .

Elahee, Mohammad Niamat Rashid, A., Mamun, K. and Hossain A.

2022 Academy of Int’l. Business Conference , Miami, Florida, July 7-10, 2022. (2022)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

“Why Women Buy Luxury Products: Preliminary Evidences from Three Countries”

Elahee, Mohammad; Shen, Li, Al Ganideh, Saeb

2022 Academy of Int’l. Business Conference, Miami, Florida, July 7-10, 2022. (2022)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

entitled “Human Rights Abuse, Culture, and Globalization: A Multinational Study".

Egnle, R. and Elahee, M.

Academy of International Business U.S. Northeast Chapter 2022 Annual Conference, Washington DC, US, Oct 14-15, 2022 (2022)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

The Role of Income and Impulse Buying Tendencies for Cognitive Dissonance in Purchases Motivated by Social Media Influencers: Why Buy if Regret?

Khushi, A., Ghosh-Chowdhury, T. & Elahee, M.

2022 Academy of Int’l. Business-US Northeast Chapter Conference , Washington DC, Oct 14-15, 2022. (2022)

Peer Reviewed Journal

2022. “Technology Entrepreneurship in the Context of Institutional Voids: Lessons From a BoP Context”, DOI: 10.1504/IJBSR.2022.119617

Sharmelly, Rifat, Patidar, Nitish, and Elahee, Mohammad.

16(1): 1-39. International Journal of Business & Systems Research. 1-39 Spring 2022 (2022)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

Challenges of Distance Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Student Perspective.

Shen, Li and Elahee, Mohammad

2021 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Int'l. Business - US Northeast Chapter, Fairfield, CT (2021)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

Culture and Pandemics: An Examination of the Role of Individualism-Collectivism Dimension of Culture on COVID-19.

Elahee, Mohammad, Hossain, Amzad, Mamun, Khwaja & Rashid, Afzalur

Southern Economic Association, Houston, TX (2021)

Faculty Workshop

The Business Culture Crossroads: USA Through a Global Lens.

Elahee, Mohammad

Faculty Fall Seminar at University of Laval, Canada (Key Note Speaker), Qubec City, Canada (2021)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

Future of Trade and Investment: Emerging U.S. Degrees in the Business Field.

Elahee, Mohammad

Edward Kennedy Center Workshop, Dhaka, Bangladesh (participated as the main speaker through Zoom) (2021)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

Big Data Revolution: Consequences and Repercussions.(Key Note Presentation).

Elahee, Mohammad

17th Scientific International Conference on Business, Amman, Jordan (presented the keynote speech through Zoom) (2021)

Peer Reviewed Journal

Goal Orientation and Negotiation Strategies: An Empirical Analysis

Asante-Asamani, Abena, Elahee, Mohammad & MacDonald, Jason

32(1) Review of International Business August 2021 (2021)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

“Autonomous Vehicle- Perils and Prospects”

Elahee, Mohammad

2020 Special Joint Conference of AIB-Africa and AIB-USNE, held at Nairobi, Kenya, Jan 6- 9, 2020., Nairobi, Kenya (2020)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

Negotiating with Trade Adversaries: An Empirical Analysis of US Negotiators’ Perceptions Toward Chinese People”

Elahee, Mohammad and Shen, Li

2020 Special Joint Conference of AIB-Africa and AIB-USNE, held at Nairobi, Kenya, Jan 6- 9, 2020., Nairobi, Kenya (2020)