Members of Quinnipiac University’s class of 2024 attend orientation Monday, Aug. 10, 2020, on the university’s Mount Carmel Campus.

New Student Orientation

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Three students standing on the quad during orientation.

Joining the community

New students participate in icebreakers with their fellow Bobcats.

Past Sessions

Week 1: Welcome & History of Quinnipiac

Students were welcomed to Quinnipiac by administration, learned more about pre-orientation, and began to understand the history of their new home.

Welcome & Overview

This session welcomed incoming students to this year's virtual pre-orientation program. There was an overview of the schedule and events provided, as well as a welcome from our Vice President and Dean of Students.

Quinnipiac 101

This session allowed participants to take a journey back to when ground was first broken at Mount Carmel and provided an opportunity to learn about how Quinnipiac came to be the university that it is today. Some of our Bobcat traditions were also shared!

Week 2: Living on Campus / Commuting

This week's theme explored both the residential and commuting experiences. Whether you're planning to live in our residence halls or commute to campus daily, there are a plethora of resources at your fingertips and community members eager to assist you in your transition.

Residential Life 101

Participants learned about our residential housing options and their amenities, the live-in staff and their roles, the First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE), and other information related to the residential experience.

Commuting 101

This session was geared towards students that are planning to commute to Quinnipiac in the fall. Learn about parking, the Commuter Lounge, commuter lockers, and other services available to you!

Living with a Roommate

This session shared tips and tricks for successfully navigating life with roommates. Living with someone new is exciting, but it can also be a little tricky. Learn how to create an environment that will work for you and your roommates from the pros!

Week 3: Involvement Outside the Classroom

This week's theme explored numerous ways that students can get involved outside the classroom. Whether you want to join a club, give back to the community, or work to make some extra spending money, we shared ways to do all of these and more!

Student Organizations

This session introduced students to all the types of student organizations that we have at Quinnipiac. They will be introduced to our online engagement platform Do You QU, and will learn about annual events where they can meet members and better understand how to get involved!

Empowerment & Leadership

This session explored student engagement, leadership and the empowerment of the student voice on campus. We seek to help new students explore the ways that they can be effective agents of change during their time as a student.

Community Service

This session will provide an overview of involvement opportunities offered by the Office of Community Service and introduce students to the service based student organizations.

Student Employment

This session will provide an overview of Student Employment including the types of employment, how to find a job, and the hiring process.

Week 4: Academic Excellence

This week's theme focused on preparing students for their academic pursuits. Students were introduced to an assortment of learning resources and tools. They also met with faculty and staff from their school/college and receive advisement in preperation for course selection.

Course Registration 101

Each school/college hosted meetings to introduce students to faculty/staff that they will work alongside during their time at Quinnipiac. Students gained insight into their program of study and receive advisement in preparation for course registration.

Select your school/college for additional information.

Academic & Learning Resources

The Learning Commons is the place you go when you want to achieve a level of performance that you wouldn’t be capable of on your own.​ Come learn about how to set yourself up for a successful first semester at Quinnipiac.

Week 5: Healthy Mind & Body

This week's theme taught students about maintaining a healthy lifestyle while at college. Everything from recreation and to fitness opportunities, to health and counseling services, and club sport participation was be reviewed!

Recreation & Fitness

Interested in getting involved with Quinnipiac's Recreation programming?  This session will take you through getting access to the Fitness Center, registering for intramural sports or trying out for a club sports team.

Health Services & Counseling

During this session, participants were introduced to both Counseling and Health Services. Staff reviewed the array of service available, how to access those services, and how to make appointments. Required health forms and immunizations that must be done before the fall semster begins and how/where to complete them will also be reviewed.

Well-Being & Fitness

What does it mean to live well and how will Quinnipiac help you? There are 8 dimensions of wellness and your opportunities in college will help you understand what areas need your attention, how you can help yourself to live well and what resources are available on campus to assist in your overall growth in your well-being.

Week 6: Cultural and Global Education

This week's theme explored Quinnipiac's commitment to global education. Multicultural education, education abroad, community-engaged global learning, and international student services will all be reviewed.

Multicultural Education

This session introduced students to all the ways that QU works to celebrates multiplicity and inclusion. This session included information about equity and inclusion training, programming, mentoring, student engagement and leadership opportunities on campus and with DCGE.

Education Abroad & Community-Engaged Global Learning

This session introduced students to all the ways to engage and learning abroad. This session included information about semester and courses abroad, global internships, clinical affiliations and fieldwork as well as community engagement.

International Student Services

This session discussed the various cultures and countries represented at Quinnipiac. The session included ways to get involved in cultural programming, how to promote cultural understanding across differences, and helpful ways to support international student classmates.

Week 7: Campus Policies & Safety

This week's theme focused on community responsibility. Students learned about behavioral expectations and how to assist their fellow Bobcats when they might need help. Safety tips while on campus and what to do in case of an emergency was also shared.

Policies & Procedures 101

This session introduced students to all the ways that they can be active bystanders in the QU Community. This session included information about the Student Code of Conduct, CARE, and set the tone for student expectations and community standards.

Gender Equity & Title IX

Students, faculty, and staff have a right to be free from sex or gender based discrimination, including sexual misconduct, in all University programs and activities. During this session, students met the Title IX Coordinator, discussed their rights, and learned about resources available to them through the Title IX Office. 

Safety on Campus

Students were provided with tips that will help them navigate campus safely. They also learned what to do in the event of an emergency (ex. active shooter) and about the different communications that the university utilizes during events/emergencies. Finally, the services that Public Safety has to offer like escorts, etc. was also reviewed. The session ended with a Q&A.

Week 8: Family Connections

This week's theme focused on our Bobcat familiy members and their needs. Families learned what to expect during their student's first year at Quinnipiac and the resources that are available to help them navigate it alongside their student. Resources for family engagement was also be shared, as well as information about what to expect in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

Town Hall

The Town Hall provided an opportunity to learn more about Quinnipiac’s return-to-campus plans. Vice President and Dean of Student, Dr. Monique Drucker will moderate a conversation with President Olian, Provost Debra Liebowitz, Dr. David Hill – the university’s senior medical advisor on COVID-19 and Director of QU’s Global Public Health Program, and Keith Woodward, Associate VP for Facilities Operations.

Parent to Parent Panel

This session explored the parent perspective of the first year experience. Hear from our parent development team, Parents Council chairpersons and other current parents about what they experienced, what they would do differently, and parent to parent recommendations to best support your student. 

Welcoming and "Parenting" your College Student

Some QU staff are also the parents of college students. Watch our roundtable conversation for helpful tips and advice on navigating common student/parent topics in the first year of college: homesickness, communication, finances, independence & advocacy, etc. 

Joining the Community

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