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Visual Arts and Design

Whether your dream is to become a film producer or a video game designer, our visual arts and design programs offer students hands-on learning experiences that allow them to pursue their creative interests and prepare for their future careers. Students can also participate in the QU in LA program, a semester-long study abroad program where they can study in Los Angeles and intern at companies such as Meta and Blizzard Entertainment.

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By the Numbers

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+9.4% In Demand

The projected percent change in employment for film and video editor occupations from 2022 to 2032. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2023)

+22K Job Openings

About 22,800 openings are projected each year, on average, in graphic design occupations due to employment growth and replacing workers who leave the occupations permanently. (U.S. of Bureau Labor Statistics, 2023)

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$72K Well Compensated

The average annual salary for game designers is $72,833. (Zippia, 2023)

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Unleash your creative potential

Whether your dream is to become a film producer or you want to become a videogame designer, our visual arts and design program will help you make your dreams come true. All of our visual arts and design majors offer students hands-on learning experiences, making sure they understand all of the skills that are necessary for their future career.

Interested in becoming a game designer? Along with being able to take concentrated courses that will allow you to focus on your interests, we also have a game lab where students can work in teams to build their own game prototypes. For students interested in film, television and media arts, they will be immersed in their program from day one, through their classes that allow them to learn all phases of digital media production.

Regardless of their major, students a part of our visual arts and design program will receive an immersive education that will prepare them for their future.

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Spend a Semester in LA

Quinnipiac University in Los Angeles

Quinnipiac University in Los Angeles is a year-round program that allows students to live, work and learn in the heart of America’s entertainment industry. Los Angeles is home to the “Big 5” film studios, 10 professional sports franchises, major broadcast news network bureaus and a media market that reaches millions daily.

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Partner with real clients

Get a head start at The Agency

As a School of Communications student, you can build your portfolio in real time with real clients at The Agency, our award-winning, full-service, student-run interdisciplinary firm. Students majoring in advertising, public relations, and graphic and interactive design work with real-world businesses, including Lego, Peanuts Worldwide Inc. and Sikorsky. The Agency is well-equipped to handle communications needs such as web design, app design, promotional materials, print collateral, marketing research, social media management, social media analytics, media relations, community engagement, data analysis, special events, strategic planning and branding.

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