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Sushi in the Carl Hansen Student Center on Quinnipiac's Mount Carmel Campus.

Dining Experience

Meal Plans

Whether you enjoy delicious sit-down meals with friends or need to grab a wholesome snack on the way to class, our dining plans are designed with personalization and flexibility in mind. Each plan emphasizes variety, value and convenience, and includes regular dining events and promotions, from outdoor cookouts and food truck festivals to pop-up events and holiday dinners.

Personalizing your dining experience

Video: Learn more about how meal plans work.

How Meal Plans Work

Meal plans are refreshed at the beginning of each semester, and students are able to purchase individually priced items in locations across our three campuses. All items in the dining facilities are sold a la carte (not buffet). Instead of a meal-based system, students pay for each item using the meal points on their Q-Card just as they would in a traditional restaurant.

In addition to the wide variety of meals and snacks available in our dining halls, students may use the balance on their dining plan to purchase other items on campus, such as On the Rocks Pub & Grille, our on-campus Starbucks, concessions at athletic events or at food trucks, which regularly visit the Mount Carmel Campus quad.

Meal Plan Options

No two appetites, schedules or lifestyles are the same. We designed our tiered dining plans so you can personalize your daily culinary experience. Each plan is simple, and emphasizes variety, value and convenience.


Residential Meal Plan Rates 2024-25

All plans include access to regular dining events and promotions.

Residential Student Meal Plan Type Description Semester Rate Year Rate
Silver We designed the Silver Plan with lighter appetites in mind. The Silver Plan is best for students who are choosier, wish to order in or dine off-campus often, or go home regularly. $2,135 $4,270
Gold A dining plan for students who eat a couple of meals per day in the dining halls but also enjoy ordering food for delivery, going off-campus to local restaurants or who visit home regularly. The Gold Plan is ideal if you believe in making daily meals a real experience. $2,255 $4,510
Default plan for resident students
This mid-level plan is the default plan for residential students and is designed for students to eat most of their meals on campus and occasionally dine off-campus. $2,370 $4,740
Platinum+ This plan is designed for the frequent diner who dines off-campus rarely. $2,625 $5,250
Diamond Our most hearty plan, the Diamond Plan, is for students who eat three or more generous meals per day and snacks every day in our dining halls. The Diamond Plan is especially designed for students who eat frequent, heartier meals in the dining hall and almost never order delivered food or dine off campus. $3,210 $6,420

Commuter Meal Plan Options 2024-25

Commuter plans are available for students who do not live in university housing, or who live in Whitney Village or Quinnipiac-owned off-campus houses.

Commuter Student Meal Plan Type Description Semester Rate Year Rate
Bronze We created the Bronze Plan especially for our commuter students (undergrad, grad, full-time law, and medical students) who spend a lot of time on campus. This plan is accepted on all 3 campuses, and is ideal for picking up a mid-day snack, taking a sandwich to go or grabbing Starbucks between classes. $260 $520
Bronze+ The Bronze+ Plan provides our commuter students (undergrad, grad, full-time law, and medical students) who spend a lot of time on campus more flexibility in their dining endeavors. This plan is ideal for picking up a midday snack, taking a sandwich to go or even occasionally grabbing a meal from any of the 3 campuses. $640 $1,280
Part-Time Law Student Bronze We created the Part-Time Law Student Bronze Plan for our part-time law commuter students. This plan is accepted on all 3 campuses, and is just enough for the occasional snack and cup of coffee. $130 $260

Commuters also have the option to select one of the residential meal plans — Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum+ and Diamond — outlined above.

Dining FAQs

Follow @qudining on Instagram or visit the events page of the dining website for the food truck schedule, as well as special events and special opportunities. 

If no dining plan selection is made, for the Fall term:

  • All residents default to the Platinum Plan

  • Commuter and students who live off-campus default to the Bronze plan.

For the Spring term, students default to their selected plan from the Fall term.

You can change your dining plan on the MyHousing page. Dining plans are assigned when invoices are available for the upcoming term and can be changed up until the end of the add/drop registration period of the term.

To view or change a dining plan, please:

  1. Log into MyHousing 

  2. Select "Dining" and then select "Dining Plans"

  3. Select the current term and then select "Change my Meal Plan"

  4. Select the desired dining plan from the list of available dining plans and click "Purchase Meal Plan"

Please note:

  • Students living on the Mount Carmel Campus and York Hill Campus will see Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum+ or Diamond for dining plan options.

  • Students living in Whitney Village and Quinnipiac-owned off-campus housing may upgrade from the required Bronze dining plan to Bronze+, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum+ or Diamond dining plans.

  • Full-time commuter students may upgrade from the Commuter Bronze plan to the Commuter Bronze+, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum+ or Diamond dining plans.

Access MyHousing

The Bronze Plan is required for all non-resident students and commuters. The plan applies to full-time undergraduate commuter students, students living in Whitney Village and Quinnipiac-owned off-campus housing, as well as full-time graduate students, full-time law students and first- and second-year medical students.

Part-time law students will default to a Bronze Part-Time Law Student Plan.

The non-resident dining plan excludes students who are veterans, enrolled in QU online, away for study abroad, student teaching or clinical affiliation.

Students who receive the required Bronze Plan have the ability to upgrade their plan for the fall semester through the end of the add/drop registration period.

Learn more about commuter meal plans

The dining plan is not meal-based. It is based on a declining balance system, similar to a debit card account. All items in the dining facilities are sold a la carte. Students pay for each item just as they would in a traditional restaurant. 

The dining plan can be used at all dining locations on our 3 campuses. These locations include Cafe Q, Bobcat Den, North Haven Cafe, North Haven Outtakes, York Hill Cafe, Au Bon Pain Cafe Express, Starbucks, On the Rocks and the M&T Bank Arena concessions.

We offer 24 unique food stations across our 3 campuses, serving options such as grilled food, smoothies, Starbucks and sushi.

View our dining locations

Students can complete a mobile order by using the Transact mobile ordering app.

Download the Apple mobile ordering app

Download the Android mobile ordering app

Students can access their meal plan and Q-Cash balances at the registers at campus dining facilities, online on the Q-Card Balance page on MyQ, or via the eAccounts app.

Download the Apple eAccounts app

Download the Android eAccounts app

Budget guidelines week-by-week appear on posters at the registers and on the meal plan budgets and staying on track page of this website indicating what the ideal dining balance should be each week of the semester.

Learn more about meal plan budgets and staying on track

The dining facilities accept Q-Cash and credit cards. Q-Cash acts as a debit account separate from the student's meal plan, and Q-Cash can be added to a student's account at any time by the student or a someone making a guest deposit on their behalf. In addition to each dining location on our 3 campuses, Q-Cash is accepted at numerous establishments in the surrounding area.

Learn more about meal plan budgets and staying on track

Any balance left over from the Fall semester will automatically roll over to the Spring semester. Meal points are cleared at the conclusion of the Spring semester and any leftover balance is forfeited.

Learn more about meal plan budgets and staying on track

We are committed to accommodating students with food allergies and other dietary concerns. Learn more about gluten-friendly, vegan and allergy-friendly options available on all three campuses and how to request a dietary accommodation on the dietary restrictions page of our website.

Learn more about dietary restrictions, accommodations and our allergy guide

Two students must come to an agreement on how many meal points to transfer (a minimum $50 meal points per transfer).

The student transferring the points should visit the meal points transfer site and complete the entire form. Information Technology Services will receive the request and process the transfer of meal points.

If the students agree to a financial transfer, that is done on their own without intervention from Quinnipiac University.

Please note:

  • Requests for meal point transfers can be initiated on the first business day after the end of the add/drop registration period until three days prior to the last day of classes for the spring term.

    • For the 2023-24 academic year, the first day to request a meal point transfer is Tuesday, September 5, 2023 through Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

  • Students whose required dining service accounts have been funded by an athletic scholarship may not sell their excess dining points. NCAA regulations forbid this.

  • Students who have been granted a meal plan waiver by the Office of Student Accessibility may not receive a transfer of meal points from another student.

  • RAs may not sell their excess dining points.

  • Minimum transfer is $50 dining points.

Hours, Menus and Events

For up-to-date hours and menus, visit:

Quinnipiac’s Dine on Campus website

For the full schedule of food trucks and special events:

See the full event schedule


Contact Us

If you have any questions, please email DiningAdvisoryBoard@QU.edu

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