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Want to perform on stage or be an integral part of our team behind the curtain? Our theater and fine arts programs are ideal for expressive and highly motivated students who embrace collaboration and wish to pursue creative careers within the arts. From commanding the spotlight to operating it, our programs give you room to explore every aspect of theater production including acting, directing, playwriting, stage management, design and arts administration as you learn to use the stage to make an impact on the world.

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Program Statistics

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+95K In Demand

About 95,800 openings are projected each year, on average, in art and design occupations due to employment growth and replacing workers who leave the occupations permanently. (U.S. of Bureau Labor Statistics, 2023)

+5.6% Job Growth

The projected percent change in employment for entertainer and performer occupations from 2022 to 2032. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2023)

Theatre Arts Center

Exterior photo of the Theater Art Center building.

This state-of-the-art facility, located at 515 Sherman Avenue in Hamden, houses the university’s main stage theater, where the university’s annual theater productions are held. The Theatre Arts Center also houses faculty offices, rehearsal rooms, a design studio, a fully equipped scenic shop, dressing rooms and more. All university theater productions and student-run theater productions are housed in this building along with music concerts, dance shows and other performances. In the summer, the building hosts professional theater companies from around the world.

Learn more about our Theatre Arts Center and view a list of upcoming and past productions at our Quinnipiac University Theater site.

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