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As technological advances and a growing world population challenge our conventional boundaries, the demand for competent engineers continues to grow. Our engineering programs provide a solid foundation for an in-demand career that utilizes innovation and design to tackle the technological, scientific and logistical challenges of the 21st century. Whatever your goals, our engineering programs will provide the foundation you need to turn inspiration into reality with courses offered in a wide range of degree and certificate programs in civil, computer science, industrial and mechanical engineering fields.

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By the Numbers

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$72K Mean Salary

The mean salary for 2022 School of Computing and Engineering graduates six months after graduation.

+5% In Demand

The projected percent change in employment for the engineering field from 2022 to 2032. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2023)

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15:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio

Our small class sizes, professors who are approachable and a close-knit community create a supportive, enriching environment.

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Gain an employable edge while making a positive world impact

When faced with building a safer, sustainable and more efficient world, our engineering students don’t just dream; they do. Through engineering ingenuity over the last decade alone, we have an abundant supply of food and clean drinking water. Manufacturing has grown more efficient, global shipping has expanded, and we can access vast amounts of information and stream personalized entertainment directly to our homes. Our buildings are safer. Our energy is cleaner. We travel the world with relative ease. While these achievements are remarkable, many more remain to be realized. The creative drive of our world’s engineers continues to impact every aspect of our daily lives.

Whether you are an inventor, coder, planner or builder, you will be guided by faculty who are leaders in their field. Working in state-of-the-art labs, our students conduct meaningful research while enhancing their collaborative and problem-solving skills. You will gain real-world experience with internships and experiential learning opportunities that provide a bridge from coursework to real-world applications. With intense creativity and unbridled curiosity, our graduates are leaders in their fields, poised to make a meaningful impact in an ever-changing world.

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Student Experience

Projects Day

Projects Day is designed to showcase and celebrate our students’ hard work and achievements from real-world projects completed during the spring semester. Mentored by professionals in the industry, students assemble into design teams, choose topics and bring their ideas to life.

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Hard Hat Ceremony

The annual Hard Hat Ceremony celebrates our School of Computing and Engineering students for a myriad of accomplishments. Initial achievement awards are presented as a bright yellow hard hat monogrammed with the iconic navy Q, while advanced achievement awards are honored with stickers.

Read about the 2023 Hard Hat Ceremony

Living-Learning Community

Our Living-Learning Community offers the opportunity for first-year students to live and engage in a community of like-minded peers. Bolstered by mentorship from faculty and staff, this community provides a strong foundation for students to develop — both academically and personally — into professionals, leaders, citizens and lifelong learners.

Engineering and Computer Science

The Engineering and Computer Science LLC is for new students in the School of Computing and Engineering interested in building academic skills, community and friendship. This LLC emphasizes hands-on activities and helps support members to become more engaged students who understand how to make a difference at QU and in the world.

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