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Humanities and Culture

With a variety of majors, our undergraduate humanities and culture programs prepare students to pursue an array of rewarding careers. Whether you want to learn more about sociology or immerse yourself in Spanish language and literature, our programs are versatile and diverse, allowing all students to find something they are passionate about. By landing internships, studying abroad and meeting professionals in their field of interest, students will refine and reassure their career perspective alongside an in-depth understanding of the world in historical, creative and philosophical senses.

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By the Numbers

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$64K Well Compensated

In 2021, bachelor’s degree holders in the humanities had annual median earnings of $64,000. (American Academy of Arts & Sciences’ Humanities Indicators, 2023)

87% Job Satisfaction

In 2019, the rate of satisfaction for undergraduate humanities majors was 87%. (American Academy of Arts & Sciences’ Humanities Indicators, 2023)

98.5% Major Success

Percentage of our 2022 College of Arts and Sciences graduates who are either employed or pursuing graduate study six months after graduation.

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A future full of creativity

Our humanities and culture undergraduate programs include a vast variety of majors and minors that allow students to pursue their interests. Regardless of a student’s major, faculty members work with students to choose courses that are tailored to their interests. Some majors, such as English and sociology, allow for students to create a concentrated curriculum tailored to their career aspirations. 

Outside of the classroom, students will have the opportunity to land relevant internships, study abroad and partake in on-campus clubs that can help them refine their skills and meet professionals in their field of interest.

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Centers and Institutes

We have identified specific areas of excellence where our students interact with researchers and professionals at the leading edges of their disciplines. From humanitarian service to entrepreneurism and innovation, our 17 centers and institutes open doors to amazing opportunities for you to intern, study, work and conduct research — both on campus and in countries around the world. That means you'll have the chance to learn from the best minds in their fields.

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Albert Schweitzer Institute

The Albert Schweitzer Institute conducts programs that link education, ethics and voluntarism for the sake of creating a more peaceful and sustainable world. A dynamic presence at Quinnipiac, the institute has drawn notable humanitarians both to campus and to its board, and gives students of all majors opportunities to make a positive impact on local and global communities.

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Student Spotlight

Rachel Houlihan stands with another student looking at a photos and information behind glass at a museum exhibit.
History-anthropology cluster course helps student develop holistic world view
Rachel Houlihan '22 gained a new lens through which to study history from an intercultural understanding course (I Course) she took combining world history and cultural anthropology.
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