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Social Sciences

Our social sciences programs cultivate an appreciation for diversity and foster a deep understanding of the many social forces that shape the lives and behaviors of individuals and groups. You’ll learn how people are affected by social factors, such as healthcare, education, religion, social policy and inequality. By combining theories and methods of inquiry with experiential opportunities, graduates are positioned for rewarding careers in social work, teaching, law, public policy, government, marketing and beyond.

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By the Numbers

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+23K Job Openings

About 23,300 openings are projected each year, on average, in social scientist and related occupations due to employment growth and replacing workers who leave the occupations permanently. (U.S. of Bureau Labor Statistics, 2023)

+5.4% In Demand

The projected percentage change in employment from 2021 to 2031 for sociologist jobs. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022)

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$84K Well Compensated

The median annual salary for social scientists is $84,000 (U.S. of Bureau Labor Statistics, 2023)

Become a 21st Century Citizen

On left, Quinnipiac Presidential Public Service Fellows Chidi Nwuneli '20, political science major, and Judy Chicoine '20, right, all take a tour of Hamden’s new business incubator.

Unleashing the ambitions of tomorrow's changemakers

Our social science programs span a diverse spectrum, collectively forming a robust foundation for students aiming to understand and address the complex dynamics of the modern world, preparing them for impactful careers.

From exploring the intricacies of criminal justice systems to delving into the complexities of environmental sustainability, our social science programs offer a rich and interdisciplinary education. With faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching and research, you'll engage in rigorous coursework, experiential learning and community-focused initiatives, preparing you to make meaningful contributions to society across a broad spectrum of professional fields.

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Transform society through civic leadership

The College of Arts and Sciences at Quinnipiac is a national leader in preparing graduates to take on the challenges of civic leadership in the 21st century. Students in our signature civic leadership program work to enhance social justice, build communities and become agents of change through activities on and off campus.

Partaking in this program positions you to thrive in careers that span government, media, law, business, healthcare, nonprofit, social services and more. You'll have the opportunity to engage with these opportunities while pursuing any major in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Quinnipiac University in Washington, D.C.

The Quinnipiac University in Washington, D.C. program gives enthusiastic students from a range of majors the opportunity to live and intern in the nation’s capital, the hub for American politics, government, international relations and national security. Our network is constantly expanding and consists of numerous organizations in the D.C. area, including national security agencies, congressional offices and the White House, as well as think tanks, news corporations, and public affairs agencies.

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