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Aerial view of the Mount Carmel Campus on a sunny day with green trees surrounding red brick buildings

Mount Carmel Campus

The Mount Carmel Campus is where you'll find your new home away from home. The picturesque Quad at the foothills of the Sleeping Giant State Park is where many students first fall in love with Quinnipiac.

The Mount Carmel Campus is home to most of our residence halls and academic buildings. Find a sweet spot to study in the Arnold Bernhard Library. Grab a bite to eat, a book to read, or meet with your student organization at the Carl Hansen Student Center. Exercise your mind at the Buckman Theater, your body at the Recreation and Wellness Center, and your community spirit at the Albert Schweitzer Institute. 

Arnold Bernhard Library

The 48,000-square-foot Arnold Bernhard Library features a sprawling, contemporary design. It's the place where both undergraduate and graduate students come to study, collaborate on group projects and conduct research. Access the library’s array of electronic resources — including more than 150 databases and more than 100,000 journals — with your laptop or use one of our dozens of available computers. When you need help, a knowledgeable librarian is available in person and through email and chat.

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Recreation and Wellness Center

Health and wellness is a priority at Quinnipiac. The Recreation and Wellness Center advances the student life experience through activities and programming and integration with academics that support student health, physical fitness, counseling and ongoing wellness and prevention education, and addresses critical space needs related to recreation and student services as well as connecting to nature and the surrounding ecological assets.  

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Mount Carmel Campus Quad

The Quad is at the heart of the Mount Carmel Campus. Nestled among the Arnold Bernhard Library, the Carl Hansen Student Center, and several academic buildings, the Quad is an inviting, green gathering space for community. The Quad boasts space for casual meeting places under trees with Adirondack chairs and fire pits to organized, large scale events that bring the university community together for fun and celebration to quiet green spaces to relax, unwind and take in the views from Sleeping Giant State Park.

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South Quad, Opening 2024-25

Transformative vision for the student experience

The South Quad, which is expected to open during the 2024-25 academic year, will be located between Tator Hall, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Commons residence hall.

South Quad will consist of three buildings:

  • School of Business

  • The SITE academic building, dedicated to science, innovation, technology and exploration

  • The Grove 417-bed residence hall

These three buildings will support student learning and social development, while providing faculty with state-of-the-art facilities for research, advanced pedagogy and immersive learning approaches that model future careers.

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Carl Hansen Student Center

This multipurpose facility located on the Mount Carmel Campus provides opportunities for the Quinnipiac community to come together in a relaxed atmosphere. The Carl Hansen Student Center is home to an expansive dining hall and a variety of services and functions which include banking, a bookstore, commuter lockers, campus information booth, Starbucks, office locations and a mail center.

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Echlin Center

Echlin Center is the first stop for most prospective students to the university because it houses the undergraduate admissions visitor center as well as the financial aid offices. The building also is home to several classrooms, an auditorium and several faculty offices.

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School of Business

The School of Business is a hub for learning, networking, collaborating and innovating. You can work on projects in our team study rooms; access real-time financial, accounting and economic information in the Terry W. Goodwin '67 Financial Technology Center; collaborate on your business idea in the M&T Bank Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and build your network with one of the programs offered by the M&T Bank Center for Women and Business.

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Communications, Computing and Engineering

The Communications, Computing and Engineering building is on the Mount Carmel Campus Quad next to a tranquil pond. In the School of Communications, you’ll find a nearly unmatched combination of high-touch resources, high-tech facilities and a high-powered location. The building features an open-air studio, podcast studio and all the equipment you'll need to explore the field of communications. Our School of Computing and Engineering prepares you to take on the technological, scientific and logistical obstacles of the 21st century. With an interdisciplinary approach that combines heavy collaboration, hands-on learning and cutting-edge facilities, we'll help you become an expert and innovator, a builder and technician, and, of course, a creative thinker and problem-solver.

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College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is a national leader in providing transformative educational experiences that prepare students for success in their careers and in life. The main hub for all students in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Robert W. Evans College of Arts and Sciences Center is also where students from our 8 other schools build their core liberal arts foundation.

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Tator Hall

Connected to the Carl Hansen Student Center Tator Hall, which houses several laboratories, classrooms and faculty offices.

Mount Carmel Campus Residence Halls

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