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Summer Courses

Seize the upcoming season by balancing your summer activities with coursework designed to engage your mind and kick-start your career. Taught online and on-campus, these convenient summer courses allow you to tackle interesting subjects at your own pace while earning credits to put toward your education.


Whether you want to learn a new skill, optimize your portfolio by showcasing new projects, or gain a bit more momentum on the road toward earning your college degree, we have a wide variety of courses that are sure to keep you motivated and on top of your game during the summer months.

Summer courses are open to all students, including students attending other universities.

Course registration is based on course availability and satisfying course prerequisites. Enrollment limitations are strictly enforced.

Summer Term 2022 Dates

Summer I
  • May 23 – June 24 (5 weeks)
  • May 23 – July 8 (7 weeks)
  • May 23 – August 12 (12 weeks)
Summer II
  • July 11 – August 12 (5 weeks)
  • July 11 – August 26 (7 weeks)

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You can browse our summer course offerings by navigating to the course listings organized by school below.

You can also view courses by clicking on “Browse courses,” which will take you to a master course listing on our Self-Service Platform. Select “Summer I 2022” or “Summer II 2022” in the Filter Results menu to view available summer offerings by term. If you use the Advanced Search feature, select “Summer I 2022” or “Summer II 2022” in the Term drop-down menu to search for available summer offerings by term.

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Take advantage of the wide range of summer courses the College of Arts & Sciences has to offer including BIO 101/BIO 102 Biology and CHE 110 Chemistry, PS 101 Psychology and SO 101 Sociology. You also can dive into History in AR 103 and HS 112, or examine Contemporary Mathematics in MA 110 and Microeconomics in EC 111 and EC 112. The opportunities are endless.

Summer course offerings in the College of Arts & Sciences include:

American Sign Language (ASL)

English (EN) Physics (PHY)

Anthropology (AN)

Environment (ENV) Polish (POL)

Arabic (ARB)

Game Design and Development (GDD) Psychology (PS)

Art (AR)

Geography (GP) Science (SCI)

Biology (BIO)

History (HS) Sociology (SO)

Chemistry (CHE)

Italian (IT) Spanish (SP)

Chinese (CN)

Japanese (JP) Sports Studies (SPS)

Criminal Justice (CJ)

Legal Studies (LE) Women's and Gender Studies (WGS)

Drama (DR)

Mathematics (MA)  

Economics (EC)

Music (MU)  

Become a leader in your field, build your business foundation and expand your worldview with course offerings like AC 211 Financial Accounting, FIN 201 Financial Management and MG 205 Organization Management. You can also explore ways to build new business ideas in ENT 210 Entrepreneurial Thinking and Practice and MK 301 Marketing Principles.

Summer course offerings in the School of Business include:

Accounting (AC) Entrepreneurship (ENT) Marketing (MK)
Business (SB) Finance (FIN) MBA (MBA)
Business Analytics (BAN) Health Management (HM) Organizational Leadership (OL)
Business Law (BLW) International Business (IB) Professional MBA (PMBA)
Computer Information Systems (CIS) Management (MG) Strategy (STR)

Examine the role media plays in shaping memories with MSS 220 Media, History and Memory and enrich your knowledge of the big screen with FTM 102 Understanding Film. The School of Communications offers a wide variety of summer offerings.

Summer course offerings in the School of Communications include:

Communications (COM) Journalism (JRN)
Film, Television and Media Arts (FTM) Media Studies (MSS)
Interactive Communications (ICM) Strategic Communication (STC)

Get on the fast-track to becoming a professional engineer by signing up for ENR 490 Engineering Professional Experience or boost your computer science skills in CSC 110 Programming and Problem Solving and CSC 111 Data Structures and Abstraction.

You can also explore Cybersecurity that's directly related to risk management in health care with CYB 610 Hands-on HIPAA Compliance Risk Management, CYB 611 Hands-on HIPAA Security Risk Analysis and Risk Management, and CYB 612 Enterprise Cybersecurity Risk Management in Health Care.

Summer course offerings in the School of Computing and Engineering include:

Computer Science (CSC)

Engineering (ENR)
Cybersecurity (CYB) Industrial Engineering (IER)

Spend your summer accelerating your skills as an experienced classroom educator by taking online courses in the School of Education like SEL 600 Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning.

Summer course offerings in the School of Education include:

Education (ED) Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
Educational Leadership (EDL) Special Education (SPED)
Instructional Design and Technology (IDN)  

Spend your summer honing your skills as a patient care and medical research professional. Examples of offerings include HSC 214 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries, HSC 262 Nutrition in Health and Illness and HSC 315 Bioethical Issues in the 21st Century.

Summer course offerings in the School of Health Sciences include:

Advanced Medical Imaging (AMI) Occupational Therapy (OT) Physician Assistant (PY)
Athletic Training (AT) Occupational Therapy Doctoral (OTD) Radiologic Sciences (RS)
Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Pathology (PA) Radiologist Assistant (RA)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) Perfusion (PR) School of Health Sciences (SHS)
Health Science (HSC) Physical Therapy (PT) Social Work (SW)

The School of Nursing is offering undergraduate and graduate summer nursing courses to students from all majors and departments. Summer courses like NUR 320 Care of Children and Families and NUR 478 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice will help students explore holistic health and wellness practices. Graduate students in other health disciplines can take courses like NUR 638 Laboratory Diagnosis or Nursing 604 Principles of Aging.

Summer course offerings in the School of Nursing include:

NUR (Nursing)

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Summer course registration is now open for all current students. You may register for courses using the Self-Service Platform.

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Looking to earn credits this summer toward the completion of your degree at another regionally accredited college or university? Register as a non-matriculated student for summer courses at Quinnipiac to get the credits that you need to accelerate your degree completion. Please check with your institution prior to registering to ensure that your credits earned will be transferable.

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Summer Housing

Summer housing information will be available for currently enrolled Quinnipiac students. More information regarding move-in dates, housing assignments and costs will be announced soon. Once housing is open, students will be able to access the summer housing contract on MyHousing on MyQ.

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Quinnipiac University complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act as an institution of higher education. Students who have a current IEP or 504 plan are encouraged to share any accommodations or modifications they may require in order to access the fundamentals of a QU summer program or camp they plan to attend.

Students requesting disability-based accommodations should indicate this within the application as well as email summerprograms@qu.edu about any and all specific accommodation needs.