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Data and Analytics

From software development to investment banking and healthcare, businesses and institutions of all kinds rely on a multitude of data to measure performance, predict change and guide corporate strategy. Our data and analytics programs teach students how to mine, interpret and present complex data in a clear and impactful way, making them indispensable to any organization. The applications of data are numerous, and these programs position you to take advantage of the field’s incredible career growth.

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By the Numbers

+31% In Demand

The projected percent change in employment for those in the data science field from 2020 to 2030. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021)

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$103K Well Positioned

Median annual wage for data scientists is $103,500. (U.S. of Bureau Labor Statistics, 2023)

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+7K Working Partnerships

The Quinnipiac University Handshake online job portal contains more than 7,000 local and international employers to connect with.

Drive innovation through data

Modern companies increasingly rely on data-savvy professionals to steer solutions and critical decision-making across organizations of all sizes and types. The insights of data experts are used for everything from predicting a company’s customer retention rate to identifying anomalies in DNA structure to measuring the spin rate of a Major League Baseball pitcher’s curveball.

Our data and analytics focused programs are designed to cultivate students into critical consumers of data who can craft their findings into a story, both textually and visually. Through curriculums that cover key topics such as data inquiry and analysis, technological competency, information fluency and quantitative reasoning, students gain the skills to deepen their understanding of the analytical aspects within their majors.

At the same time, students acquire some of the 21st century’s most sought-after job skills. The ability to discover and evaluate data from diverse sources — while assessing the integrity of those sources — empowers strategic decision-making and high-level problem-solving across professions. These skills make our graduates highly sought after by employers in nearly every sector.

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