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Paying for College

We realize that investing in your education can be a costly and complex process, and we are here to guide you each step of the way. We offer several avenues to assist all types of students, whether you’re a full-time undergraduate fresh out of high school or an established professional looking to expand your skill set with a new degree. We’re committed to putting together a financial aid package that is just right for you.

What is Financial Aid?

Students with computers in an undergraduate business class.

Making a plan to make higher education more affordable

Financial aid is funding that is awarded to students who need assistance in meeting the cost of higher education. If qualified, students may receive financial aid from not just one but several sources.

Financial aid sources may include scholarships, veteran benefits, need-based grants and loans, and self-help opportunities, such as federal work-study and outside scholarships.

The university coordinates your financial aid to produce an aid package, including funds from many types of sources. Don’t assume you are ineligible for financial aid. Check financial aid criteria carefully and file your paperwork early so we can evaluate your eligibility.

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