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Learning at Quinnipiac

Through innovative academics, an emphasis on the professions and a unique model for experiential learning, we create extraordinarily well-prepared professionals who enjoy bold and exciting careers. Explore the different ways that students from all walks of life can advance their studies and reach their academic and career goals here at Quinnipiac.

Areas of Interest

We've sorted each of our undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs into 16 unique Areas of Interest. Explore these categories to discover which programs and delivery methods best align with your educational and career goals. As you browse each program, you will learn more about what to expect here at Quinnipiac—from our state-of-the-art facilities and workspaces to the career development and academic advising resources at your disposal.

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Undergraduate Programs

A Quinnipiac education will power your transformation from a student to a leader. Every part of the undergraduate experience is designed with your success in mind.  No matter your ambition, we’ve got a degree that unleashes it with more than 100 undergraduate majors and minors and more than 6,300 courses across a wide range of disciplines.

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Dual-Degree Programs

Our dual-degree programs provide the same strong focus on the universal skills employers value the most — including leadership, critical thinking and creative problem solving — alongside flexible curriculums that give you the freedom to shape an experience that reflects your unique career goals and interests. Ambitious learners may also pursue accelerated-dual degree programs to seamlessly earn their undergraduate and graduate degrees at significant savings compared to traditional models.

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Graduate Programs

Our graduate programs cover the most sought-after fields of study today. What makes Quinnipiac unique is that we offer thousands of hands-on opportunities — on campus and around the world — for you to explore and deepen your passion, apply your knowledge and gain adaptable, flexible skills that prepare you for a lifetime.

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Degree-Completion Programs

At Quinnipiac University, our degree-completion programs are designed to give working professionals and adult learners the education and training you want with the flexible scheduling you need. Whether you’re looking to transfer from another institution, return to college from the workforce or finish your degree now that you've started a family, we have a format that’s right for you.

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Continuing and Executive Education

Lifelong learners stay current with, bring advances to and create readiness for the drastic changes in technology, industry and communities around the world. Our array of online, on-campus and hybrid programs — including open enrollment programs and custom solutions for organizations — address market needs and give working professionals and executives the specialized skills and training you need to advance your career.

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Micro-Credentials and Badges

Quinnipiac’s extensive library of micro-credentials and digital badges are awarded to students to acknowledge their acquisition of specialized training, skills and abilities. Structured as a series of fast-paced and stackable courses, micro-credentials and badges provide learners with a unique indicator of their accomplishments to share with colleagues, managers and prospective employers.

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Certificate Programs

Quinnipiac continually develops, launches and refines an array of graduate and undergraduate certificate programs that will help you advance in your career, develop a specialized area of expertise and remain competitive in the workforce. Badges and certificate programs are taught by our expert faculty members as well as experienced industry professionals — many of whom are recognized thought leaders in the space. 

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Summer Camps and Courses

Summer is the best time to accelerate progress toward achieving your academic, professional and personal goals. Quinnipiac offers a growing list of engaging summer programs, camps, undergraduate courses and more—all designed to help a diverse group of people explore their passions supported by our faculty, staff and students across all 8 schools and the College of Arts and Sciences. Whether you want to learn a new skill, optimize your portfolio by showcasing new projects, or gain a bit more momentum on the road toward earning your college degree, we have a wide variety of experiences that are sure to keep you motivated.

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Online Programs

Our online programs—housed within the School of Business, School of Communications, School of Computing and Engineering, School of Education, School of Health Sciences and School of Nursing—combine the guided educational experience of a traditional classroom environment with the flexibility that adult learners need to succeed. Innovative teaching methods and asynchronous classes enable students to work at their own pace while enjoying peer interaction and a collaborative learning experience that maximizes their learning outcomes.

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Honors Program

As a member of the Honors Program, you’ll be able to more deeply explore ideas, take advantage of opportunities for campus leadership, make time to think creatively and engage fully with the university environment. The Honors Program gives you intellectually challenging coursework and purposefully designed experiences that enhance your day-to-day college life while building a foundation for both personal and professional success.

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Pre-Professional Programs

If you supply the drive and ambition, our pre-professional designations will provide the foundation and experiential background to help you gain a competitive edge when you apply to professional school. While the Pre-Dental, Pre-Law and Pre-Med designations are not stand-alone programs and are completed in addition to your undergraduate degree, they assist in preparing you for the secondary degree required for your career aspirations.

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