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Our Programs

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Through innovative academics, an emphasis on the professions, and a unique model for experiential learning, we create extraordinarily well-prepared professionals who enjoy bold and exciting careers.

Dual-Degree Programs

Our dual-degree programs provide the same strong focus on the universal skills employers value the most — including leadership, critical thinking and creative problem solving — alongside flexible curriculums that give you the freedom to shape an experience that reflects your unique career goals and interests. Ambitious learners may also pursue accelerated-dual degree programs to seamlessly earn their undergraduate and graduate degrees at significant savings compared to traditional models.

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Honors Program

As a member of the Honors Program, you’ll be able to more deeply explore ideas, take advantage of opportunities for campus leadership, make time to think creatively and engage fully with the university environment. The Honors Program gives you intellectually challenging coursework and purposefully designed experiences that enhance your day-to-day college life while building a foundation for both personal and professional success.

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