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Marketing and Communications

It takes more than just a great product for a company to be successful. From marketing Apple’s new product to maintaining a positive image through public relations, there are numerous jobs and opportunities that rely on strategic communication skills every day. Companies need to market and communicate products well to garner the public’s attention — and our undergraduate and graduate marketing and communications programs will prepare you to do just that upon graduation.

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By the Numbers

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$140K Rewarding Career

The median annual salary for marketing managers is $140,040. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2023)

+46K New Jobs

Over 46,200 new communications jobs expected to be added through 2029 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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+114K Job Openings

About 114,300 openings are projected each year, on average, in media and communications occupations due to employment growth and replacing workers who leave the occupations permanently. (U.S. of Bureau Labor Statistics, 2023)

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Strategic communication in the 21st century marketplace

Strategies learned in classrooms can help you expand a company’s net worth, while also improving its public perception. Or maybe you’ll focus on storytelling through broadcast or written media. Perhaps directing films is your choice of study. Whatever you decide, the marketing and communications programs at Quinnipiac is expansive and grants students a selection of career paths.

Classroom experience isn’t the only benefit of the program. Due to the expansive network of Quinnipiac alumni, students can make connections all around the world. These connections can lead to internships or even jobs at places such as IBM, The New York Times and Branded 845.

Between class lessons, real-world experience and connections in the industry, the marketing and communications programs will prepare you to jump into a full-time position after graduation.

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How to make a career out of storytelling

Are you a natural born storyteller? Do you love to get creative? Follow along with Anya as she shares some careers and majors that might be right for you.

ADPR 405: The Agency

Under the guidance of our esteemed faculty, The Agency has successfully funneled student creativity and passion into projects all areas of communications.

Learn more about The Agency 

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Working in Social Media

At Quinnipiac, we recognize that the realm of social media is a dynamic and influential force in today's digital landscape. From internships with leading companies and organizations to real-world projects that put theory into practice, we empower our students to navigate the complex landscape of social media management, content creation and online community engagement.

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Student Groups

With a variety of student-run organizations focused on marketing and communications interests, you’ll have many opportunities to connect with people who share your talents and interests. Joining a student organization is an ideal way to boost your skills, get involved, network — and have some fun, too.

  • AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts)
  • American Marketing Association
  • Communications Honors Society: Lambda Pi Eta
  • Marketing Honors Society: Delta Epsilon Chi
  • Public Relations Student Society of America
  • Q30 Television
  • The Quinnipiac Barnacle
  • The Quinnipiac Chronicle
  • QuinniPR (public relations firm)
  • Quinnipiac Film Society
  • The Summit Yearbook

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