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Marisa Laudano reads a children's book to two elementary students at Fair Haven School

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People with degrees in education not only work in schools; they work in corporations as directors of training, in healthcare as client educators, in law organizations as advocates for kids with special needs, in universities as course designers and in many other settings. In addition to their day jobs, these individuals are often athletic coaches, career advisors and community volunteers. Wherever engaging and effective learning is needed, you can be sure to find graduates from the School of Education.

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By the Numbers

97% Employment Rate

Percentage of graduates in the Class of 2022 who are employed within four months of graduation.

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63 Partner Schools

Quinnipiac places students in more than 22 partner districts.

It is time for you to shape the future

Great educators have the ability to change lives. At Quinnipiac, our mission is to prepare our candidates for 21st-century careers in education as teachers, leaders and designers of learning environments and materials. By fostering personal and intellectual transformation, we strive to empower our graduates to affect change within themselves and others to move toward a more just and equitable society.

We offer a variety of programs to prepare you for a range of jobs in the field of education. Whether you aspire to become a new teacher, switch career paths, move into administration or develop skills in the design of digital learning materials — we have programs for every career stage. Graduates of our programs are hired quickly and go on to lead rewarding careers.

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Field-Based Experience By the Numbers

80 Hours

Dual-degree MAT students complete 80 hours of work in public school settings in their junior and senior years.

13 Months

Graduate MAT students gain practical experience as interns or school employees during the fall and spring, and are eligible to be hired as teachers of record following the second summer semester.

216 Hours

Sixth-Year Diploma in Educational Leadership students complete a minimum of 216 hours of practical leadership experience.

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A School of Education student assists two middle schoolers in a science experiment

A place for hands-on, high-touch, industry-standard learning

As a future educator, where you learn your craft should reflect an evolving profession aimed at cultivating a new generation of young minds. Our state-of-the-art academic center is designed to simulate classroom settings, stimulate classroom innovation and develop the working tools of the teacher. Here, we have facilities and resources dedicated specifically to lesson planning, curriculum development and the use of modern classroom technology. Other spaces provide preparation for exams and other certification requirements.

Two specially equipped classrooms feature touch-screen SMART Boards as well as cabinet and storage space for curriculum materials. A dedicated library houses books and materials for the elementary and secondary education students. An AccuCut machine for constructing bulletin boards, a laminator and a paper cutter are also available for student use. Our Curriculum Center is used for large class meetings, professional development and Praxis workshops. The center features a Polyvision board and the latest projection technology.

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