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Student and parent pose for picture during Bobcat Weekend

Bobcat Weekend 2023: October 6-8

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked question is how to add a guest once registered. Please view this video for instructions. If you need further assistance, see additional questions about this below.

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General Questions

  • Do I have to register to visit my child for the weekend?
    No. Registration is to participate in Bobcat Weekend events and activities only. You are always welcome to visit your student on campus at any time; however, you may have a quieter experience another weekend if you don’t want to participate in the events.
  • How much does it cost to come for the weekend?
    Visiting your student is free. Bobcat Weekend events are priced individually, and some are free. Registration is required for all events.
  • Where can I stay overnight?
    We currently have a few rooms still available at The Omni in New Haven. We suggest checking surrounding towns for other stay options as Yale is also hosting their family weekend and most properties are booked up in that direction. You may want to also try Airbnb for another option.
  • What happens if it rains?
    Many of our outdoor events will have tents to keep you dry while enjoying your day. Events that cannot be tented will be moved inside; we will contact you via email prior to the event if the location is changing to move indoors.
  • What’s a legacy family?
    Alumni families who currently have a student attending Quinnipiac University are considered a legacy family and will have access to register for events on both the family and the alumni track.
  • The events I want aren’t available. Is there a waitlist?
    Some of our events with smaller capacities will have waitlists enabled. You will be contacted if you are added to an event from the waitlist.
  • Are all of the events handicap accessible?
    All events on campus are accessible. Events off campus such as at Sleeping Giant and some reunion locations may be difficult. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in one of those specific events.

Adding Family/Guests

  • I want to sign up for another event and I already registered; how do I do that?
    You can return to the registration page and edit your registration to add a new event for your guest. If you are unable to add it, it is sold out or you may have already registered for it the first time.
  • Do I have to register each person separately?
    Yes – each person will be added to your account. You must then choose the correct profile or track for them (alumni, alumni guest, alumni guest under 14, etc). Then you can click to register them for an event.
  • I don’t see where I can add another guest. How do I do this?
    You will go back into registration the same way as the first time and log in without a password. You’ll be sent an email code to gain access to your account and can then proceed to add a sub-account by clicking the register someone else button. Once you add the sub-account, you’ll click on the dropdown above the “REGISTER (FIRSTNAME) (LASTNAME)” button and choose the correct path option. The button will then turn blue so that you can click the register button to move through the process for them. If you need further assistance, contact us at quevents@qu.edu.
  • I added someone to my account, but it won’t let me click to register them.
    Please make sure to use the dropdown to choose their path option before trying to click the register button under their name.
  • The events I want are greyed out, or I can’t select them.
    This will happen if you are trying to attend an event you already selected during the same timeframe if it is sold out, or if you already registered for it in a previous session. Please check a prior registration confirmation if you have one, or contact us at quevents@qu.edu for further assistance.

Making changes or cancelling

  • I can’t change the events I signed up for. What do I do?
    If you would like to add an event to your registration and are having trouble, please contact us at quevents@qu.edu for help. If you would like to cancel a registration, please note that all sales are final.
  • I changed my mind. Can I cancel my registration?
    All sales are final. For extenuating circumstances, please contact us at quevents@qu.edu.
  • I signed up for an event, and then couldn’t get my family in to it. What do I do?
    Please contact quevents@qu.edu for further assistance with this. Depending on the event and number of people you are registering, we may be able to help.