Quinnipiac University
Angela Walker

Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Angie Walker began her career at Quinnipiac in 2003 and is a tenured Associate Professor of Psychology. Her teaching interests include Introduction to Statistics in Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychology of Women and Gender, Introduction to Research Methods, Advanced Research Methods, Advanced Social Psychology, Psychology and the Law. Currently, her research interests include pedagogy wherein I formally assess the effectiveness of writing interventions aimed at improving students’ abilities to recognize unintentional plagiarism and produce accurately paraphrased work specifically in constructing APA Style reports. She is also investigating the influence on the method of disclosure on perceptions of those who commit, attempt, and openly discuss a desire to die by suicide. Additionally, her interests include examining the influence of race and gender on student perceptions of academic legitimacy and competence of professors as expressed in student teaching evaluations. Throughout her career, she has been intrigued by the complexity of asymmetrical power relationships in the workplace, particularly exploitative mentoring, and the influence of social identity on perceptions of these relationships.


  • BA, University of Notre Dame
  • BS, Grand Valley State University
  • MA, University of Connecticut
  • PHD, University of Connecticut


  • Psychology

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  • Comms, Computing & Engineering 071

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