Students and faculty in the spotlight

Our students and faculty are accomplishing great things. Below, you'll find some of their work and achievements. This page will be updated as their accomplishments continue to roll in.

Professor Receives Fulbright Scholarship

English professor expands understanding of deep learning

Computers have been compared to people’s brains since the first device was turned on. Now Renée Tursi is trying to better understand the comparison’s ramifications on our society — and our future.

Tursi, an associate professor of English, is spending the semester serving as a Fulbright Canada Research Chair in the Person and Society at Concordia University-Montréal’s Centre for Expanded Poetics. The Fulbright Scholar Program awards competitive, merit-based grants for international educational opportunities for students and faculty.

Professor Tursi speaks at a podium in front of the "16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates" logo

Global presence

Professor Renée Tursi speaks at the 16th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.

“I am researching the brain-computer metaphor, an analogy that compares the workings of the brain to a computer and vice versa,” she explained. “Applying literary studies and philosophy to conceptual structures from across the disciplines, my project is exploring this metaphor’s evolution, particularly in relation to Canada’s groundbreaking work in computer deep learning.”


Matt Bethea raps with a microphone in front of a building painted with a colorful mural.

Unique stories and perspectives

New Haven resident Matt Bethea participates in Professor Don Sawyer’s Hip Hop in the Community project. Bethea also has participated in several of Professor Sawyer’s classes, sharing his talents and experiences with students.

Hip-Hop in the Community Project

Professor’s program marries passion for hip-hop music with a commitment to community empowerment

Music has always had the power to foster change, connection and healing. Sociology professor Donald Sawyer’s Hip-Hop in the Community Project has done all of the above for students at Wilbur Cross High School in New Haven.

The initiative utilizes the hip-hop music genre as a means to combat both disciplinary issues and the drop-out rate among at-risk students. Under Professor Sawyer’s guidance, students also learn to make hip-hop, rap and poetry their mediums for expressing their hardships, struggles, hopes and aspirations.

Professor Sawyer’s high school students have presented at academic conferences, and competed successfully in rap competitions in New York City.

They also have come to campus as part of the Sociology of Hip-Hop class Sawyer teaches to Quinnipiac students.

In Professor Sawyer’s hands, the Hip-Hop in the Community Project is more than just a simple deterrent. It provides a conduit for artistic expression and a foundation for self-worth among those who have come of age in marginalized communities.

Video Spotlight: Cece Fanning '17

Cece Fanning sitting at a desk, writing, starts video

Taking Charge

From commanding the spotlight to operating it, our students explore every aspect of theater production and learn to use the stage to make an impact on the world. When Quinnipiac's theater department was looking for the perfect person to be the set designer for their fall play, they didn't have to look any farther than one of their own students, Cece Fanning '17, a theater/English double-major. She was the first student scenic designer for a main stage production.

Publications and Journals

Advancements in the field

Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences are devoted educators who set a precedent for the students they teach and mentor. Passionate and driven scientists, authors, economists and historians, they epitomize the Quinnipiac mission of turning passion into action. Our professors have published numerous books, and regularly contribute their scholarship, criticism, reviews and artistic work to magazines, journals and anthologies.


Poetry Collections

  • Balance Act (Insomniac Press, 2000)
  • The Tragedy in My Neighborhood (Dead Academics Press, 2010)

Literary Criticism

  • Vocational Philanthropy and British Women's Writing, 1790-1810: Wollstonecraft, More, Edgeworth and Wordsworth (Ashgate Press, 2005)
  • Boundaries of Faith: Catholics and Protestants in the Diocese of Geneva (Truman State University Press, 2010)


  • Ireland's Great Hunger (University Press of America, 2002)
  • This Great Calamity: The Irish Famine 1845-52

Foreign Language

  • Home Is Where the (He)art Is: The Family Romance in Late Twentieth-Century Mexican and Argentine Theatre (Bucknell UP, 2008)


  • Nietzsche's Philosophy of the Free Spirit (Rowman & Littlefield International, 2015)

Journals & Magazines

Economics Journals

  • New York Economic Review
  • American Review of Political Economy

Literary Journals

  • Storyscape
  • Word Riot
  • 32 Poems
  • Toxic Poetry

Psychology & Social Sciences Journals

  • Journal of Vocational Behavior
  • Journal of Business and Psychology
  • Journal of Comparative Neurology
  • Journal of Applied Psychology

Literary Criticism

  • Studies in the Novel
  • The Victorian Review
  • European Romantic Review

Philosophy Journals

  • Journal of Value Inquiry