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We encourage and enable students of all majors to pursue their deepest interests — while also cultivating new experiences and skill sets along the way. From a student-run theater to museums alive with cultural history and a center for psychological study, numerous venues for creative expression, scientific research and career exposure are all within your reach.

Unveiling the name of our new academic building

A rendering of The SITE academic building at South Quad
The SITE is designed to maximize student-faculty collaboration, exploration

January 22, 2024

Quinnipiac students will soon have the opportunity to prepare for successful careers in a new 137,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, student-centered academic building designed to promote community and interdisciplinary learning that will be called The SITE, which stands for Science, Innovation, Technology and Exploration.
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Hands-on learning in the College of Arts and Sciences

Our facilities and centers are equipped with the technology and resources that reflect the many environments that may work in during your career. With dedicated spaces for scientific research, technological innovation, theatrical performances, interdisciplinary collaboration and competition as well as academic and professional advising, the College of Arts and Sciences ensures that teaching and pedagogy extend far beyond the traditional classroom or lecture hall.

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Advising Commons

Black Box Theater

eSports Lab

Game Design and Development Lab

Laboratory Spaces and Classrooms  

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Our facilities, centers and institutes enable you to deepen your understanding of your major and get busy experiencing it. Consider them your passport to interdisciplinary collaboration and exploration. As you work alongside fellow students and professors, you'll gain cultural sensitivity, social awareness and a global perspective along the way. 

Join Esau Greene ’21 as he takes you on a tour of the College of Arts and Sciences, stopping along the way at the Advising Commons, Biology Labs, Game Design and Development Labs, Center for Psychological Sciences and Theatre Arts Center. 

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Numerous venues for creative expression, scientific research and career exposure are all within your reach.

Quinnipiac University in Washington, D.C.

The Quinnipiac University in Washington, D.C. program gives enthusiastic students from a range of majors the opportunity to live and intern in the nation’s capital, the hub for American politics, government, international relations and national security. Our network is constantly expanding and consists of numerous organizations in the D.C. area, including national security agencies, congressional offices and the White House, as well as think tanks, news corporations, and public affairs agencies.

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Additional Resources

Centers and Institutes

Center for Psychological Science
The Center for Psychological Science is the main learning and research hub for the psychology department. Specialized classrooms allow for group projects, student-faculty meetings, independent study research, interviews, survey studies and experiments.

Bioanthropology Research Institute
The Bioanthropology Research Institute is an interdisciplinary hub linking the study of biology, anthropology, archaeology and paleontology. The institute performs research on mummified humans, animals and ancient artifacts through applications such as diagnostic imaging, video endoscopy, photography and laboratory analysis.

Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute
Through a program of lectures, conferences, courses and publications, Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute at Quinnipiac University offers a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of the Irish Famine, also known as An Gorta Mór. The Institute also fosters an appreciation for Irish culture and history.

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