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Your learning begins in the classroom. Your growth as a student and an individual continues outside of it. The College of Arts and Sciences is a movable hub where individuals from all academic groups converge. You’ll live and work in a community of other students who might share your interests and values, but also offer different ideas and perspectives.

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Patricia Comitini, professor of English, leads Quinnipiac students on a scholarly expedition to the renowned Lewis Walpole Library.

Step out of the classroom

Your growth as a student at Quinnipiac occurs as much outside the classroom or laboratory as it does inside. Quinnipiac offers more than 150 student-led groups and organizations dedicated to academic excellence, literary and performing arts, social awareness, community engagement, student government and beyond.

Each student-led group gives you the chance to explore your interests more deeply, expand your skill set and join communities of equally talented and enthusiastic individuals. If a group that speaks to your particular interests and convictions doesn’t exist yet, we encourage you to work with student life to develop and launch it. Whatever groups you choose to become a part of, the kinds of social and professional connections you’ll make during your experience will help you long after you’ve graduated.

Student group types include:
  • Academic
  • Arts, entertainment and media groups
  • Cultural and identity groups
  • Fraternity and sorority groups
  • Government and programming boards
  • Honor societies
  • Political and advocacy groups
  • Recreation groups
  • Service groups
  • Spirit groups
  • Spiritual life and faith-based groups
  • Student media

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Living-Learning Communities

Our Living-Learning Communities offer the opportunity for first-year students to live and engage in a community of like-minded peers. Bolstered by mentorship from faculty and staff, these communities provide a strong foundation for students to develop — both academically and personally — into professionals, leaders, citizens and lifelong learners.

eSports Arena

The eSports Arena LLC is for students interested in competitive gaming. Students can compete against other schools as part of the QU eSports team, participate in open tournaments, attempt to set records in speedrunning or stream their incredible gameplay as they live, share strategies and cheer on peers also striving for the pinnacle of gaming skill. Popular or obscure, single-player or team-oriented, all games and all players wanting to amplify their abilities and reach are welcome!

Law and Legal Systems

The Law and Legal Systems LLC is for students interested in becoming lawyers, police officers and correction officers as well as students interested in government policy, policing, corrections, restorative justice and improving the legal system. This community brings together diverse ideologies and perspectives for productive, respectful conversations about issues related to law and legal systems.

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