Students take a tour at Bunker of Carmel with a view of the skyline in Barcelona, Spain.

BA in Spanish Language and Literature

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Program Overview

Languages are best learned through speaking them. You’ll hone your skills and build confidence through one-on-one conversations and class discussions, and you’ll expand your knowledge of Spanish and the Hispanic culture through a wide range of courses. A degree in Spanish helps to prepare you for a successful career in fields such as international business, law, health care, journalism and teaching.   

Aside from exploring subjects as varied as Mayan art, pre-Columbian civilizations and modern poetry, you also have opportunities to study abroad in Spain and throughout Spanish America. Recent students have successfully completed programs in Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Seville, Costa Rica and other exciting places.   

Quinnipiac’s Albert Schweitzer Institute offers you a unique portal to Central America by sponsoring service trips and partnering with other organizations that have created opportunities for our students to complete projects in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua. One grant from the Arias Foundation, for example, offers the opportunity for a yearlong internship in Costa Rica to work on issues of human rights, good governance, education and social studies.

Curriculum and Requirements

BA in Spanish Language and Literature Curriculum

In addition to the University Curriculum and the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum requirements, students majoring in Spanish Language and Literature must meet the following requirements for graduation:

Spanish Core Requirements
Written and oral fluency in Spanish:
Complete the following or their equivalent:9
SP 301
Advanced Spanish I
SP 302
Advanced Spanish II
SP 312
Advanced Conversation 1
Cultural literacy, including a familiarity with Hispanic cultures and fine arts, historical and sociopolitical matters, and/or linguistics:
Complete 12 credits in courses on Spanish culture or Spanish American culture taught in Spanish12
Possible courses include:
SP 343
Culture of Spain
SP 370
History of the Romance Languages
SP 373
Latin American Cultures I
SP 374
Latin American Cultures II
SP 376
The Spanish Caribbean
Knowledge of major works of literature written in Spanish:
Complete 12 credits in courses on Spanish or Spanish-American literature taught in Spanish12
Possible courses include:
SP 317
Approaches to Literary Genres
SP 321
Masterpieces of Spanish Literature
SP 328
Spanish American Literature from the Conquest to 1880
SP 329
Spanish American Literature from 1880 to Present
SP 335
Nineteenth Century Literature of Spain
SP 348
Spanish Drama and Poetry of the Golden Age
SP 371
Contemporary Literature in Spanish
SP 450Senior Seminar3
Total Credits36

This course might be waived for students with demonstrated proficiency in oral Spanish—those students would take 3 additional credits in cultural literacy or knowledge of major works of literature written in Spanish.

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