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Strategic Plan

The University of the Future

We are building the University of the Future at Quinnipiac. We are a community enriched by our ideas, inclusive excellence and commitment to preparing graduates as enlightened global citizens equipped for the challenges and opportunities of 21st-century careers. As members of this special community, we are bold and curious, lifelong learners, innovators and explorers. We are committed to partnering with employers around their evolving talent and technological needs and to lifting the communities in which we live. We champion the values that have propelled Quinnipiac from our storied past toward an ambitious, inclusive and innovative future.

The world that shaped Quinnipiac has undergone dramatic shifts. Just as we have throughout our history, we will continue to remain agile in adapting to the dynamic changes around us. Looking ahead to the opportunities of the 21st century, we are guided by a strategic plan to achieve the educational vision and community life to which we aspire.

The plan informs the creation of academic and alumni programs, supports lifelong learning, strengthens our ties to the communities we serve and establishes blueprints for capital improvements — but most of all it reinforces the nimble and daring tradition of Quinnipiac as our university works to become the University of the Future. The tenets of the plan are simple, its goals far-reaching, its milestones clear.

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Goal 1

Build an institution-wide mindset that prepares graduates for 21st-century careers and citizenship

  • Quinnipiac Center for High-Impact Practices (Q CHIP) builds on our interdisciplinary teaching approach to provide immersive, experiential and employer-relevant learning.
  • The Quinnipiac Academic and Career Advising Center (QACAC) embraces an integrated, comprehensive approach to meet the changing needs of each student’s and graduate’s academic, professional and personal life.
  • Quinnipiac’s curriculum and delivery formats advance lifelong learning, with preparation in emerging 21st-century fields.
  • Quinnipiac’s new academic hub expands classroom, faculty office and community meeting spaces.
The goal of an institutional mindset that prepares graduates for citizenship and 21st-century careers will be achieved through high-impact learner preparation, investment in 21st-century market-driven fields, integrated advising throughout a student’s life, faculty/staff support for intellectual agility, and facilities that house these initiatives.

Goal 2

Create an inclusive, excellence-driven community

  • The Q Entrance Assistance Program (QEAP) is a hightouch admissions program for applicants who benefit from admissions support.
  • Quinnipiac’s Transition (Q-T) summer bridge program welcomes a wide-ranging community of entering students to assist in their transition to college.
  • Academic counselors are particularly attuned to the academic and transition needs of diverse students.
  • Inclusive excellence is reflected among our leadership, faculty and staff, as well as in the signals and practices of our culture.
As the University of the Future, Quinnipiac will advance its commitment to inclusive excellence through targeted efforts in strengthening diverse pipelines into QU, in transitioning and retaining nontraditional students and in financial support for these students. Inclusivity and excellence will be enhanced through our curricula, and through the recruitment and recognition of outstanding faculty who advance distinctive scholarship and serve as role models for inclusivity in our community.

Goal 3

Nurture and positively impact internal, local and global communities

  • The Quinnipiac Health and Wellness Center supports community physical, emotional and medical well-being, in addition to ongoing wellness and prevention education.
  • A new Facilities Master Plan addresses academic, co-curricular and residential spaces in response to critical priorities.
  • Quinnipiac engages more deeply in regional and global ecosystems, serving communities through collaborative learning and research across businesses, universities, community colleges, government and community-based organizations.
The goal of lifting internal, regional and global communities will be advanced by nurturing the physical and mental wellness of the QU community, enriching the intellectual and social life of the university through investment in facilities and associated programming, serving as a model steward of our human, financial and natural resources, and becoming a true partner in the regional and global ecosystem for the reciprocal advantages of knowledge transfer, mutual learning opportunities, labor force development and engaged citizenry.

Goal 4

Foster lifelong connections and success

  • Being a Bobcat for life requires an engaging alumni program, with multiple touch points between alumni and their alma mater to fuel lifelong learning, personal and professional networks, emotional ties and a desire to support the institution.
  • The Quinnipiac Advantage Program (QAP) equips alumni with the tools, knowledge and networks needed for career success at each stage of their professional lives.
  • The Partnership Engagement Council joins together members of the broad university community in developing and managing a diverse range of corporate partners.
To build lifelong connections and success, QU will develop a comprehensive alumni program with multiple touchpoints enhancing lifelong engagement opportunities, networks, emotional ties and career advantages. Lifelong professional and personal development will be supported by the Quinnipiac Advantage Program, and the Partnership Engagement Council will facilitate collaboration and connection across a far-reaching network of partners. These initiatives will support thriving professionals, through the arc of their careers, who have enduring pride in, and gratitude for, their alma mater.

Our promise for the future

Quinnipiac’s vision is ambitious, exciting and frankly crucial to serve our purpose as a learning institution for the 21st century. We cannot remain stationary, or continue all that we do, while staying abreast of the accelerating technical, business, societal and environmental changes of the 21st century. Quinnipiac will excel as a learning institution for the 21st century through its agility, hunger for continuous learning, and a commitment to the values that have propelled our university throughout our history and well into the future.

Read the Full Strategic Plan (PDF)


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