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Insurance and Billing

Learn more about insurance, billing and co-pays for services rendered through Quinnipiac Student Health Services, provided by Hartford HealthCare.

Accepted Insurance Providers

While Hartford HealthCare accepts most insurances, it does not accept all insurances. It is the responsibility of the student to contact their carrier and ask if HHC MG Specialty is in-network.

You will need to provide the carrier with:

  • Our Tax ID Number: 37-1911194

  • Our address:
    Hartford HealthCare Medical Group
    PO Box 23641
    New York, NY 10087

Insurance Cards

Quinnipiac Student Health Services will need a copy of the student’s insurance card each time they arrive for an appointment. Appointments will be billed to the insurance on file.

If a student's insurance changes during the academic year, it is the student’s responsibility to notify Student Health Services and present a copy of the new insurance card.

Billing Questions

If a bill is received for an appointment at Quinnipiac Student Health Services and there are questions, call 1-877-HHC-BILL (1-877-442-2455).

Please make sure you have connected with the billing department prior to reaching out to Student Health Services. Our office is unable to adjust bills or establish payment plans.


If your insurance requires a co-pay for a visit, Quinnipiac Student Health Services will also require a co-pay. Student Health Services accepts cash, credit card, Apple Pay or checks.

All copays for students are capped at $15. If your copay is greater than $15, QU will cover the remainder of that cost.

Insurance Terminology

Co-Insurance: A type of cost sharing where the beneficiary and insurance provider share payment of the approved charge for covered services in a specified ratio after payment of the deductible by the insured. For example, the insurance company agrees to pay 80% of covered charges and the individual picks up 20%.

Co-Pay (Co-Payment): A set fee the member pays to providers at the time services are provided. Co-pays are applied to emergency room visits, hospital admissions, office visits, etc. The cost is usually minimal. The patient should be aware of the co-payment amounts prior to services being rendered.

Deductible: A portion of the covered expenses (typically $100, $200 or $500) that an insured individual must pay before insurance coverage with co-insurance goes into effect. Deductibles are standard in many policies, and are usually based on a calendar year.

Out of Network (OON): Coverage for treatment obtained from a non-participating provider. Typically, it requires payment of a deductible and higher co-payments and co-insurance than for treatment from a participating provider. Insurer may also deny entire bill.

Insurance, Billing and Co-Pay FAQs

Yes. By having a trusted, statewide healthcare system operate our Student Health Services, a visit to the on-campus health clinic is now similar to visiting a local doctor’s office, hospital or walk-in clinic. Just as any healthcare provider you see at home in your local community bills your insurance company for their services, Hartford HealthCare is doing the same for services they provide in our on-campus health clinic.

Care providers in our Student Health Services Center are employees of Hartford HealthCare Medical Group (HHCMG) and are considered part of the HHC network of providers. Most health insurance plans accept HHC Medical Group as an in-network provider. Please call your carrier to confirm Hartford HealthCare is in your network, and share with them the “HHCMG Specialty” Tax ID Number: 37-1911194.

Students must present their insurance ID card when seeking care at Student Health Services to validate their insurance coverage and to enable Hartford HealthCare to bill the student’s insurance company for the services delivered. A physical ID card is required to scan into the electronic medical record system for a student’s first visit to the health center. It will be on file after that first visit.

A co-pay is only collected if the student’s insurance plan has a co-pay as part of the terms and conditions of the plan. Since Hartford HealthCare is billing insurance for services received in our on-campus health clinic, it must collect the appropriate co-pay in accordance with the plan’s coverage guidelines.

Please note: Quinnipiac will cap all copays at $15 and then pay the difference if any student’s insurance plan has a copay higher than $15.

Any billing questions should be directed to 1-877-HHC-BILL (1-877-442-2455).

A co-pay is the amount your insurance requires you to pay at the time of the office visit. Any bill you receive after the appointment is for services rendered during the visit and is dependent upon the level of care received.

Any billing questions should be directed to 1-877-HHC-BILL (1-877-442-2455).

Please note: Quinnipiac will cap all copays at $15 and then pay the difference if any student’s insurance plan has a copay higher than $15.

Students will need to make all copays or health service-related payments directly to Hartford HealthCare when they visit Student Health Services. Payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, check or cash. Students will not be able to use their QCard as a means of payment.

  • A co-pay will be collected and insurance will be billed for medical services. The co-payment is determined by the insurance carrier on file.

  • Students can request that insurance not be billed for counseling services and any sexual-health related services provided by HHC on campus. Quinnipiac will pay for the cost of those services.

Students will be presented with a release form to sign when they arrive in the clinic before services are provided. The release form must be completed for every counseling and sexual-health related visit. Insurances will not be billed for counseling and/or sexual-health related visits.

Please note: a release form cannot be requested retroactively after insurance has already been billed. The form must be completed before services are rendered and insurance is billed.

If you receive your health care services from a hospital, physician or other health care provider that participates in your health plan, they are often referred to as "in-network." Hospitals, physicians or other health care providers who do not participate in your health plan may be referred to as "out-of-network."

Hartford HealthCare participates in most major health plans in Connecticut. In addition, please review your health plan provider directory and/or consult with your health plan to confirm coverage.

Please present your current health plan identification care when you register at Student Health Services at your appointment.

Quinnipiac requires all students maintain major medical insurance as a condition of enrollment. Quinnipiac offers a health insurance plan designed specifically for students through Gallagher Student Health. A student may waive health insurance coverage if he or she presents evidence of other health insurance, including coverage under a parent’s or guardian’s plan, that provides benefits equal to or greater than the Student Health Insurance Plan administered by Gallagher.

  • Visit the Gallagher website for plan information and to enroll, or to submit your waiver. Use your Quinnipiac student email and password to log in.

  • Students must document evidence of coverage and make an online waiver decision by August 31, 2024.

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