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Paid Internship

Computing Fellows

Mount Carmel Campus

The Computing Fellows Program is a paid internship program that provides students in computing programs with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience on campus and through our corporate partners. The positions in the Fellows Program enable students to develop valuable skills and earn professional certifications that align with their major and career goals.

Learn on the Job as a Computing Fellow

Computing Fellows will work in a variety of positions, both on campus and with our corporate partners. As the program grows and expands, more tracks will emerge for students interested in specialty areas like healthcare. Placements for students in the Fellows Program are tiered and will depend on the student’s experience.

First-year students are not required to work a full schedule as they acclimate to the university. All students will be considered Computing Fellows, even if they aren't actively working in a position during a particular semester.

Technology Support Assistant

Incoming first-year students and select sophomores are invited to join the Computing Fellows program on a part-time basis during their fall and/or spring semester. These Tier 1 fellows serve as Technology Support Assistants on-campus and work primarily at the Help Desk.

Technology Support Assistant Supervisor

Sophomore and junior fellows will have the opportunity to fill Tier 2 positions as Technology Support Assistant Supervisors. These fellows will oversee and manage incoming Tier 1 fellows, while also earning valuable certifications including the Apple Certified Support Professional and Dell Client Foundations.

Technology Support Supervisor

Experienced junior and senior fellows expand their leadership responsibilities upon reaching Tier 3, undertaking scheduling and operational responsibilities during night and weekend shifts and offering supervision over fellows in Tier 1 and Tier 2 positions.

Fellows In-Residence

Senior and graduate students who have worked in Tier 3 positions within the Computing Fellows program are eligible to be nominated by full-time staff during their 3rd year to serve as Fellows In-Residence. These students will be embedded within key areas of the university and will work with senior staff engineers to manage information security, networking, applications, and data analysis.

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