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Center for Health Law and Policy

The mission of the Center for Health Law and Policy is to educate Quinnipiac students about the extraordinarily complex set of state and federal laws associated with the field of health law and all of its interrelated areas. Quinnipiac’s health care law program was ranked 54th nationwide by U.S. News & World Report in its 2020 edition.

What We Do

  • The Center for Health Law and Policy interacts with attorneys who practice in the specialized areas of health law to provide guidance to students interested in healthcare-related legal and policy issues, including students who are members of the Health Law Concentration. Periodically, the Center will sponsor a conference that addresses significant developments in health law jurisprudence.
  • In addition, the Center supports the Health Law Society, an interdisciplinary organization open to students and faculty of the Law School, the Netter School of Medicine, the School of Business, and the School of Health Sciences, and alumni who are interested in discussing issues in health law and exploring career opportunities. The Center, through members of the faculty, also advises the Health Law Journal, a student-run publication encouraging discourse on both practical and theoretical issues in the fields of health law and policy, biomedical ethics, and medical-legal research.

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