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Anat Biletzki

Schweitzer Prof of Philosophy and Women's & Gender Studies

Dr. Biletzki’s teaching and research pursue the paths of analytic philosophy and political philosophy, focusing on logic, philosophy of language, Wittgenstein, philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, women’s studies, and human rights. Her publications include the edited collections The Story of Analytic Philosphy: Plot and Heroes (1998) and Hues of Philosophy (2010), and the authored books Paradoxes (1996), Talking Wolves: Thomas Hobbes on the Language of Politics and the Politcs of Language (1997), What Is Logic? (2002), (Over)Interpreting Wittgenstein (2003), , and Philosophy of Human Rights: A Systematic Introduction (2019).

Biletzki is a member of several international research groups, including “Wittgenstein and Democratic Politics” (Poland) and “Rationality and emotions in political discourse” (Norway). She is on the steering committee of FISP – The International Federation of Philosophical Societies and chair of the American Philosophical Association’s Committee on International Cooperation. She also serves as Vice-Chair of the World Peace Foundation at Tufts University, and is co-founder and co-director of the Program for Human Rights and Technology at MIT.

Biletzki taught at Tel Aviv University for over thirty years before coming to the U.S. She has been Findlay Visiting Professor at Boston University and a member at the Institute for Advanced Study and at the National Humanities Center. In 2005 she was nominated among the “1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005”. In 2015 her article “Making It Explicit in Israel” received the APA prize for Public Philosophy Writing. For her, Philosophy is, indeed, a public service.


  • BA, Tel Aviv University
  • MA, Tel Aviv University
  • PHD, Tel Aviv University


  • Philosophy

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  • Albert Schweitzer Institute

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