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Harry Morrow is a Principal Information Security Officer at Yale University and currently the Information Security lead on Yale's Next Generation Network project. He is a UNIX, Windows and TCP/IP security expert, an author, consultant and educator with over 34 years of experience. He has taught computer science, networking and information security courses at several universities, including Yale, University of New Haven and Fairfield University and private seminar institutes, including Data-Tech, Security University, ITMI, Net Security UK and IT Institute Roma.

Professor Long has written and released several information security software programs into the public domain and was an original founder of the InfraGard program in Connecticut. He served on the executive board of CUISP (Campus University & Information Security Professionals), participates in the EDUCAUSE/I2 Computer/Network Security Task Force, CISDG (CT InfoSec Discussion Group) and served several consecutive terms as the President of the Connecticut ISSA (Information Security Systems Association) Chapter.


  • MS, University of New Haven


  • Cybersecurity

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