Quinnipiac University
Michael Midgley

Senior Instructor of Biology

Michael Midgley has extensive experience teaching anatomy and related sciences in classroom settings and cadaveric dissection laboratories for allied health professional students.

He is a personable and professional teacher who engages students with his passion for science and education. In the Clinical Anatomy Master’s program at The University of Western Ontario, he was trained extensively in the anatomical sciences as well as advanced pedagogy techniques, classroom management, and presentation skills. He was then employed by Ross University, an international medical school in the Caribbean, teaching substantial volumes of students from diverse backgrounds in both large and small groups. He returned to Western to successfully coordinate and lecture in a demanding introductory anatomy course for nursing undergraduate students, and notably taught advanced clinical anatomy and histology at the graduate level.

These experiences led him to Quinnipiac University where he currently teaches several lectures and laboratories in a multi-section undergraduate human anatomy and physiology course. Professor Midgley has always been interested in the intersection of anatomy and technology, readily adopting digital aids that fit naturally within the existing framework of a course and have the potential to enhance learning experiences. Quinnipiac is fortunate to employ two cutting-edge visualization programs.


  • BS, University of Western Ontario
  • MS, University of Western Ontario


  • Biological Sciences

Office Location

  • Tator Hall 221C

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  • BC-SCI