Quinnipiac University
Rob Frederick Hansen

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Robert Hansen is currently an assistant professor of chemistry at Quinnipiac University. His primary areas of teaching are general chemistry and analytical chemistry. Dr. Hansen completed his Ph. D. in analytical chemistry at Indiana University Bloomington. During his Ph. D., Dr. Hansen participated in several major atmospheric field measurement efforts, including the 2009 CABINEX and 2010 CalNex campaigns. Dr. Hansen was selected for the Biosphere-Atmosphere Research and Training Fellowship, an NSF-funded graduate training program. Dr. Hansen was also selected for the Chateaubriand Science Fellowship program. This fellowship gave him the opportunity to work on the construction of custom atmospheric instrumentation at the Institut Mines-Télécom Lille Douai. Dr. Hansen has completed postdoctoral research at the University of Leeds (UK) and Indiana University Bloomington. Dr. Hansen’s current research focuses on the measurement of nitrogen oxide fluxes from soil and soil surrogates. This research draws on his expertise in atmospheric instrumentation and environmental chemistry.


  • BS, Baldwin Wallace University
  • PHD, Indiana University


  • Chemistry

Office Location

  • Buckman Center 135C

Mail Drop

  • BC-SCI

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Journal

Reaction of Organic Matter with Nitronium Ion as a Source of Organic Nitrate Esters in Proxies for Organic Aerosols

Hansen, R. F., Dalton, E. Z., Abney, R. B., Engelhard, M. H., Castillo Valdes, G., Burton, S. D., Chu, R. K., Veghte, D. P., China, S., Losovyj, Y., Cliff, J. B., and Raff, J. D.

N/A ACS Earth and Space Chemistry doi: 10.1021/acsearthspacechem.3c00111 August 9 (2023)

Peer Reviewed Journal

Measurements of Total OH Reactivity During CalNex-LA

Hansen, R. F., Griffith, S. M., Dusanter, S., Gilman, J. B., Graus, M., Kuster, W. C., Veres, P. R., de Gouw, J. A., Warneke, C., Washenfelder, R. A., Young, C. J., Brown, S. S., Alvarez, S. L., Flynn, J. H., Grossberg, N. E., Lefer, B., Rappenglueck, B, Stevens, P. S.

126 Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres e2020JD032988 May (2021)