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Dr. Scott McLean is Professor of Political Science at Quinnipiac University. He earned his Ph.D. at Rutgers University.

Professor McLean has a national reputation as a leader in civic education. In 2018, he was recognized with the Quinnipiac Center for Excellence in Teaching Award.

McLean's research expertise is in the fields of national elections, public opinion, political thought, and civic education. His essays and expert analysis appear frequently in state, national and international media, such as New York Times, the London Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, NPR, CNN, Fox News, Hartford Courant, Newsweek and TIME magazine.

McLean's most recent research has appeared in Presidential Swing States: Why Only Ten Matter, ed. by D. Schultz (Lexington Books 2015, 2017, 2nd edition, and 2022, 3rd edition). He recently wrote a chapter on “Generation Z” in Generations in American Politics edited by Sally Friedman and David Schultz (University of Michigan Press, 2022). He is co-author and editor (with David Schultz and Manfred Steger) of the book Social Capital: Critical Perspectives on Community (New York University Press, 2002).

Professor McLean lives in New Haven, where he is active on grassroots issues of food insecurity. He serves on the Board of Directors of Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen, Inc. (https://www.deskct.org/).
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  • BA, Whitman College
  • PHD, Rutgers-The State Univ of NJ

Areas of Expertise

  • National elections and political parties
  • public opinion and political psychology
  • government ethics
  • political ideologies


  • Political Science

Office Location

  • College of Arts & Sciences 3 310

Mail Drop

  • CL-AC3


Quinnipiac University

Professor of Political Science

Hamden, CT

2008 - Present

Quinnipiac University

Director, Quinnipiac Washington DC Programs ("QU in DC")

Hamden, CT

2004 - Present

Quinnpiac University

Associate Professor of Political Science

Hamden, CT

2000 - 2008

Quinnipiac University

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Hamden, CT

1995 - 2000

Whitman College

Visiting Professor of Politics

Walla Walla WA

1994 - 1995

Selected Publications

Presidential Swing States (ed. by Schultz, D. and Jacob, R.)

McLean, Scott L.

“Politics Now is All About the Purple Battlegrounds.” 3rd (2022) Lanham, MD (Lexington Books 2022)

Generations in American Politics, (ed. by Schultz, D. and Friedman, S.)

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Collective Memory and the Pandemic Emergence of Generation Z 1st Ann Arbor, MI (University of Michigan 2022)

"Teaching the Presidency When Democratic Legitimacy Is Questioned.”

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The Hill http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/campaign/301245-the-anatomy-of-a-swing-state-and-why-it-matter Oct. 16 (2016)

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Social Capital: Critical Perspectives on Community and “Bowling Alone.”

McLean, Scott L., Schultz, David, and Steger, Manfred (eds).

2002 New York, NY (NYU Press 2002)