Quinnipiac University
Shawna Reed is an Assistant Professor and currently teaches BMS 370 (General Microbiology).

She loves to use active learning and conceptual frameworks to teach students about the fascinating world of microbes. As a scientist, she is passionate about uncovering the molecular interactions between host cells and intracellular bacteria. She has studied primate parasites (undergraduate), papillomavirus genome tethering (post-baccalaureate at NIH), Rickettsia and Listeria actin-based intracellular motility (PhD research at UC Berkeley) and Coxiella genetics and host interactions (Post-doc at Yale).

In her laboratory, she looks forward to creating research projects for undergraduates curious about intracellular pathogens, bacterial genetics, interactions with host immune sensing pathways, and how individual bacterial effector proteins might contribute to virulence by hijacking host cell functions. Specifically, she hopes to explore the function of secreted bacterial effectors, the sensing of Coxiella infection by Drosophila (fruit fly) immune pathways, and bio-engineer Coxiella for future research.

Her goal is to mentor students as independent scientists who present their work at regional or national conferences as well as become authors on published research papers.


  • BS, Randolph-Macon Womans College
  • PHD, University of California Berkeley

Areas of Expertise

  • Microbiology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Pathogenic Microbiology
  • Virology


  • Biomedical Sciences

Office Location

  • Tator Hall 221D

Mail Drop

  • EC-BMS


Quinnipiac University

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Science

Hamden, CT

2019 - Present

Yale University School of Medicine

Post-doctoral fellow

New Haven, CT, USA

2013 - 2019

University of California, Berkeley

Graduate Student Instructor

Berkeley, CA

2007 - 2010

Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Journal

The Coxiella burnetii effector EmcB is a deubiquitinase that restricts RIG-I signaling

Duncan-Lowey J, Crabill E, Jarrett A, Reed SC, Roy CR

120(11) Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences e2217602120 March (2023)

Invited Speaker

Exploring Coxiella biology: from molecules to multicellular infection

Reed, Shawna

Hamilton, MT, NIH, NIAID, Rocky Mountain Laboratories (2023)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

Paired and Compared Lessons for the Microbiology Flipped and Hybrid Classroom

Shawna Reed

ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators, Online (2022)

Peer Reviewed Poster

The Coxiella effector CvpG modulates fusion properties of the Coxiella containing vacuole

Kerryan Ashley1, Jaydeen Sewell1, Nicholas C Shiner1, Isabella V Diaz1, Mia Grzywinski1, Evan T Gundling1, Laura Mason1, Shami-Iyabo K Mitchell2, Craig R Roy2, Shawna C O Reed1,2*

American Society For Rickettsiology, Greenville, SC (2022)

Peer Reviewed Poster

The IMPACT of Coxiella: Learning from a pathogen during a pandemic

Alex T Jacoby, Emily A Beltz, Robyn S Roznitsky, Laura Mason, Evan T Gundling, Andres Ariza, Mia K Grzywinski, Vincent G Pedulla, Lauren Sweeney, Parker D Jack, Oveen M Joseph, Melissa Solomon, Michael Santos, Shannon Cisse, Shawna C O Reed*

American Society for Rickettsiology, Greenville, SC (2022)

Peer Reviewed Poster

Prediction, analysis and expression of a Coxiella Type IV effector library

Emily A Beltz; Alex T Jacoby; Robyn S Roznitsky; Laura Mason; Evan T Gundling; Andres Ariza; Mia K Grzywinski; Vincent G Pedulla; Lauren Sweeney; Parker D Jack; Oveen M Joseph; Melissa Solomon; Michael Santos; Shawna C O Reed

Boston Bacterial Meeting, Cambridge, MA, Harvard University (2022)

Peer Reviewed Poster

The Coxiella effector CvpG modulates fusion of the bacterial vacuole with endolysosomal compartments

Shawna C O Reed; Kerryan Ashley; Jaydeen Sewell; Nicholas C Shiner; Isabella V Diaz; Evan T Gundling; Laura Mason; Shami-Iyabo K Mitchell; Craig R Roy

Boston Bacterial Meeting, Cambridge, MA, Harvard University (2022)

Peer Reviewed Presentations

The effector protein CBU0122 modulates fusion properties of the Coxiella containing vacuole

Shawna C. O. Reed*, Jaydeen Sewell*, Kerryan Ashley*, Shami-Iyabo K. Mitchell, David Arteaga, Craig R. Roy

Boston Bacteria Meeting 2021, (Online) Cambridge, MA, Harvard University (2021)

Peer Reviewed Journal

Lysosomal degradation products induce Coxiella burnetii virulence

Newton P, Thomas DR, Reed SCO, Lau N, Xu B, Ong SY, Pasricha S, Madhamshettiwar PB, Edgington-Mitchell LE, Simpson KJ, Roy CR, Newton HJ

117(12) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 6801-6810 March (2020)