Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students encourages, supports and recognizes superior teaching and service to students at Quinnipiac. The center serves as an important vehicle in helping the University to achieve its educational mission, consistent with its three core values: high quality academic programs, a student-oriented environment and a sense of community.

What We Do

The center sponsors a variety of professional development programs and activities using its own role models and expertise within the faculty and staff, as well as external consultants and experts. The center sponsors workshops and seminars throughout the year, conducts student, faculty and staff surveys, and hosts special recognition events.

The work of the center is intended to supplement, not supplant or duplicate, the many excellent professional development initiatives and programs that are sponsored and supported each year in all areas of the University. The center gives institution-wide recognition and validation to these activities and the offices that sponsor them. The center is supported through the President's Office and is guided by a rotating Board of Directors consisting of representatives from the faculty, staff and students.    

2016 Honorees

The Excellence in Teaching Award

Lani Keller

Assistant professor of biology

John Reap

Assistant professor of mechanical engineering

Christine Van Cott

Foundations of Critical Care (FCC) preceptor at the School of Medicine

The Excellence in Service to Students Award

Odette Franceskino

Director of financial aid for the School of Law

John Polascik

Assistant bursar

Mark Tortora

Associate director of education abroad programs

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