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Private educational loans are available for students and parents/guardians seeking additional loan assistance. Families are strongly encouraged to apply for financial aid first, prior to borrowing a private loan.


Private educational loans will require a credit check, and for students, a creditworthy co-signer is normally required for loan approval. Securing a strong, creditworthy co-signer will enable the student borrower to receive a competitive interest rate on their loan. Private loans offer variable and fixed interest rates, and a variety of repayment terms and options including paying a portion of the interest while attending school, to deferring both principle and interest until after graduation. It is important to note that capitalizing interest over the course of your college years will result in a much higher loan balance compared to a borrower paying the accruing interest while attending school.

The lending website www.elmselect.com offers unbiased information on private educational loans including the lender's contact information, loan applications, interest rates and origination fees.

Elm Select will randomize the lenders each time a user refreshes the page to remove any coincidental prioritization. Neither Quinnipiac University, nor its affiliates will give preference to a particular lender or loan program. Borrowers are strongly advised to carefully review all loan options including the terms, conditions, interest rates and fees associated with borrowing private loans. Each lender offers a customer service contact number and is happy to answer your individualized questions regarding their products and services. Quinnipiac University will gladly certify any educational loan regardless of its inclusion on the ELM Select website.

As of February 14, 2010, all private loan borrowers, pursuant to revisions in the Truth in Lending Act, are required to complete a self-certification form (PDF) before a private student loan can be approved. While your lender is required to provide you with this form, colleges also are required to provide a copy. Download the self-certification form (PDF). Some lenders may also ask you to provide Quinnipiac University's OPE ID#, which is 00140200.

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