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Graduate Loans

Exit Counseling

You are required to complete an online Exit Counseling session if you graduate or drop below half-time enrollment.

Federal Exit Loan Interview

All students who either graduate, withdraw or drop below half-time enrollment are required to complete an exit interview.

The exit information will provide borrowers information on repayment of their loan obligations including payment plan options, servicer information, etc.

Exit loan interviews are conducted in two ways:

    • an on-campus session prior to graduation (generally held in April, July and December)
    • online (you will need your FSA ID to log-in to complete the counseling option)
      Complete the online exit loan counseling

Students with questions regarding exit counseling may contact the Graduate Financial Aid Office at 203-582-8588.

For more information about repaying your Federal student loan and how much you owe, please visit studentaid.gov

Consolidating Your Loans

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