Program Overview

The minor in global public health provides an interdisciplinary focus of study that enables you to understand and promote individual and population health throughout the world. This is accomplished via a range of courses that provide relevant and rigorous intellectual learning, community and international education and a capstone course in the senior year.

This minor is suitable for students with a wide range of interests in the humanities, business and the arts and the sciences, as each of these disciplines addresses the diversity and complexity of global public health issues. Students are encouraged to explore the variety of course offerings to enrich their academic experience. Each student is assigned a faculty adviser who provides guidance as they complete the required components.

Students are eligible to apply for the minor beginning in the fall semester of their sophomore year. Accepted students are notified in October and officially enroll in the minor the following spring. The minor requires a substantial level of commitment from students, so applicants should consider carefully whether they can meet the expectations of course study, community and international education, and a capstone experience.