Certificate Overview

The Certificate in Editing Studies program exposes students to theories and practices of textual editing that are transferable across academic, personal and professional contexts. Courses support students in their academic and extracurricular writing, empowering them to apply literary criticism, rhetoric, phenomenology and cultural studies to careers in fields such as editing, publishing, teaching and law.

Learning Outcomes
  • Build an institution-wide mindset that prepares graduates for 21st-century careers and citizenship: According to Recruiter.com, the demand for editors is expected to go up with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting about 11,600 openings each year, on average, over the decade.

  • Create an inclusive, excellence-driven community: Students in the program learn not just practices of editing but also how editing criteria are ineluctably constructed within social contexts of authority and may, therefore, reproduce historical inequities.

  • Nurture and positively impact internal, local and global communities: As both practitioners and critics of editing, program graduates will recognize the ethical implications of editorial work in a given discourse community.

  • Foster lifelong connections and success: Program graduates will understand how to reflect on their roles as editors and transfer that understanding to varied and changing editorial contexts.