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Professors in Quinnipiac’s School of Business are committed to the academic, personal and professional success of every student from day one. They are passionate scholars and accomplished in their fields, but teaching is always their top priority.

Faculty Spotlight

Assistant Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy Margaret Goralski, Ph.D., instructs students in the Center for Communications and Engineering

A lifetime of achievement

Margaret Goralski, Assistant Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Margaret Goralski, assistant teaching professor of entrepreneurship & strategy, is an active member within the university as well as the business world. Goralski was recently recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 29th Annual Conference of the International Academy of Business Disciplines, where she serves as vice president of publications. This nonprofit organization was established to foster and promote education in all business disciplines. It facilitates an international exchange of information, ideas and research, and seeks to bridge the gap between business theory and practice. 

Goralski’s research on the rise of artificial intelligence and its effect on business has appeared in several publications. In 2018, she received an Albert Schweitzer Institute Faculty Fellowship to explore how ethics and morals are being embedded into artificial intelligence, and what is necessary for AI to behave in an ethical and moral way.

Goralski understands the effect of culture on business, and she teaches these ideals to her students. “In my career, I’ve learned a lot about not just business, but cultures,” Goralski said. “I tell my students all the time that when a problem arises in business, it’s usually a cultural one.”

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