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Graduate MAT Degree in Secondary Education Tuition and Financial Aid

We know that college is a huge investment and one of the most important ones you’ll ever make. That’s why we’re invested in helping make your Quinnipiac education affordable. Whether it’s grants, scholarships, loans or a job, we’ll help you explore every option and make a plan that works for you.

Costs and Budgets

Students in the Master’s in Teaching in Secondary Education are enrolled year-round in this 2-year program.

  • Year 1: Students will intern, which will enable them to not pay tuition.

  • Year 2: Students will have an option to complete a second internship and receive a full-tuition waiver for fall and a 3-credit tuition waiver for spring.

Tuition is based on a per-credit rate at the graduate level. Estimate of costs are using the current curriculum for the program of study. Students who elect to not do a second internship will not receive the additional tuition and fees waiver.

Billed Charges (Direct Costs)

Direct costs include tuition cost per credit hour, plus any applicable fees.

Total Billed Charges $3,600 $10,070 $14,805 $10,895
Estimated Tuition Fall/Spring Summer Fall  Spring
Tuition and Fees (estimate)* $33,435 $10,070 $14,805 $10,895
Internship Tuition Waiver –$29,835 n/a n/a n/a
Billed Charges (Direct Costs) – Optional Second Internship
Total Billed Charges $3,600 $10,070 $1,545 $8,685
Estimated Tuition Fall/Spring Summer Fall  Spring
Tuition and Fees (estimate)* $33,435 $10,070 $15,910 $12,000
Internship Tuition Waiver –$29,835 n/a –$14,365 –$3,315


Direct cost estimates are based on the 2023-24 graduate tuition rate of $1,105 per credit. Tuition and fees are subject to annual updates. View a detailed breakdown of fees.

Tuition-Paid Internship Program

The Quinnipiac School of Education Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program has been designed to provide you with internship opportunities that save you tuition costs for up to three-and-a-half semesters of your program.

Quinnipiac partners with over 20 school districts in Connecticut to place you in internships that significantly reduce tuition while giving you a depth of valuable classroom experience. Our experienced faculty will assist you in your internship placement, matching you with the school settings best for you.

The Tuition-Paid Internship Program places you on a path to an education degree and teacher certification — while removing much of the cost.

With the Tuition-Paid Internship Program, you will:

  • Save all tuition costs for your first two semesters.

  • Pay for your third semester summer term, along with books and fees for the entire program.

  • Have the additional opportunity to save all tuition costs for your fourth and half of your fifth semesters through an optional second internship.

  • Work with dedicated faculty who guide your internship placement.

If the optional second internship is not selected, students also pay tuition for the entire fourth and fifth semesters.

As an intern, you will:

  • Work closely with faculty and staff at your internship school.

  • Serve in a variety of roles including ten weeks as a student teacher, sharing responsibilities with an on-site teacher.

  • Assist in numerous school projects.

  • Mentor small groups of students.

  • Begin building a strong CV and professional network that will be invaluable to your future job search.

You will begin the fall semester as a full-time graduate student and spend your first two semesters interning in a local school while also attending evening courses on our North Haven Campus.

You will be off to a strong start — gaining experience in your internship school while also gaining perspective and support from your Quinnipiac faculty and classmates.