Support the total development of all children

To provide the best possible educational experience, today’s classrooms demand a modern approach to learning that balances an academic focus with support for a child’s social and emotional development. The Certificate in Social and Emotional Learning and School Climate teaches educational leaders to work collaboratively to build supportive bonds among children, parents and school staff, and create a positive school-wide environment.

This certificate program, which draws on knowledge from the Comer School Development Program, provides a steady accumulation of skills that enable you to become a catalyst for change. Coursework culminates with a capstone experience in which you will work closely with a mentor to develop and implement an SEL-based climate action plan within your school. The perspective and expertise gained from this program make it valuable for all school-based personnel, including administrators, teachers, guidance counselors and social workers.

This flexible program allows you to complete the introductory orientation either on campus or online during the summer, with the remainder of the program completed entirely online. In addition, students interested in pursuing future leadership roles may elect to apply 3-9 credits from the certificate program toward the completion of their Sixth-Year Diploma in Educational Leadership upon acceptance into the program.

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