Become an essential part of a surgical team

Our program will provide you with the expertise needed to operate and manage the equipment essential for supporting or replacing a patient's heart and lung functions during cardiac surgery. Through hands-on instruction, you will learn how to monitor vital cardiopulmonary signs and administer the appropriate medications to ensure the patient's stability and successful surgical intervention throughout the procedure.

Distinguished as one of only eight programs nationwide offering graduate-level training in this specialized field, we equip you with a unique advantage as cardiovascular disease prevalence rises, creating a growing demand for skilled professionals. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to prepare you for the workforce, emphasizing not only technical proficiency but also fostering a strong sense of responsibility and effective collaboration in high-stakes environments.

Through immersive group activities and hands-on clinical experiences, you will cultivate the essential qualities requisite for success as a cardiovascular perfusionist. Our state-of-the-art facilities within the Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences building is equipped with some of the finest technology offered in academia, and emulates the fast, interdisciplinary team-based environments providing your with the ideal environment for honing your skills.