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Last updated April 11, 2024

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Any leftover meal points will roll over from the Fall to the Spring semester. However, Spring semester points will expire if they are not used at the end of the term. Students may use their points to make bulk purchases of items like hotdogs, chicken, beef tenderloin, cookies and beverages through dining services. Students should review, complete and submit the form four days or more prior to their pick-up date.

Guidelines and Directions for Bulk Purchasing

Place an Order

Place your order online

All orders must be received by noon on Friday, May 3.


Pick Up Your Order

All orders must be picked up; they cannot be delivered.

Please provide a four-day lead time when placing your order.

Please have your Q-Card with you and sufficient funds available at your time of pickup.

  • For pickup at Mount Carmel Dining Hall: Use the New Road entrance and park at the two loading docks to the left, just past public safety check point. Go to the loading dock door to make us aware you are ready for your order.

  • For pickup at York Hill Dining Hall: Students picking up bulk orders may park for 5-10 minutes in the Crescent lot or in the circle by the dining hall.

Most items on this list are heavy and/or too large to carry. Please plan to bring your vehicle to the appropriate loading dock when you are ready to leave campus and we will help you load your vehicle.

Please keep in mind May 10 to May 12 can be difficult to pick orders up by car because of the long lines to get into the university for Commencement. We recommend coming as early as you can.

If You Have Too Many Points at the End of the Semester

Students with too many points have three options available to them:

  1. Consider transferring points to another student.
    Log into Quinnipiac's meal point transfer system

  2. Participate in the Tap Out Hunger program and donate meal points to charity.
    Log into MyQ to complete the form for Tap Out Hunger

  3. Purchase food or beverages in bulk quantities directly from the dining hall to bring home using the process below.

Learn more about meal plan budgets and staying on track