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Quinnipiac University in Budapest, Hungary

The Quinnipiac University in Budapest program provides students of all majors the chance to live, work and learn as they study abroad in a foreign nation’s capital. Located in the heart of Central Europe, Budapest is a hub for international businesses and organizations that enable our students to complete internships or engage in research as part of an unforgettable resume-building experience.

Opportunities Across the Globe

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Budapest is one of the most beautiful European capitals and sits on the Danube River with hilly Buda on one side and the bustling business of Pest on the other. The fast-paced nature of the city cements its position as an influential presence in international relations and economics. With excellent universities, well-known multinational companies, global NGOs and innovative think tanks, QU in BP appeals to students in nearly every field of study. 

The city is home to numerous global corporations — like Morgan Stanley, Blackrock, MSCI, Citi and IBM — as well as organizations that focus on key issues including minority rights, environmental policy and economic policy. Our partnerships with these prestigious organizations enable students to develop an international perspective on everything from economics and business to engineering, political science, sociology and anthropology. This experiential learning opportunity, coupled with the benefits of studying abroad, helps students to stand out when applying for jobs or graduate programs.

Studying Abroad

QU in BP is designed to add a deeper dimension to those students studying abroad in Hungary. The city is English-friendly, easy to navigate, digitally connected and features a very safe but active international student nightlife.

Students will study at the prestigious Corvinus University, Hungary’s leading business and social sciences university with cutting-edge programs in all areas of business, economics, political science and data science. Quinnipiac’s regional partner, the API, settles students into dorms, helps with orientation, organizes cultural tours in Hungary and facilitates connections with other international students.

While in Budapest, students will reside in single rooms in the amazing Dean’s College Dorm. Rooms include a small kitchenette, a private bathroom and a sleeping and study area. The Dean’s College Dorm features washing machines and a gym and is centrally located to excellent shopping and dining.

Throughout the program, students are encouraged to visit landmarks like the thermal baths and spas, especially the famous outdoor Szechenyi baths and the beautiful Gellert Spa, which dates back to the 12th century and is built on Hungary’s network of natural hot springs. Students are also welcome to visit one of the many fine arts museums, the largest parliament in Europe, Roman ruins and other myriad cultural opportunities. Those wanting to travel can hop a train to Kraków, Prague and Vienna or take a low-cost flight to any European capital for accessible weekend excursions.

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Student Experience

Clayton Romanok, Sophia Lachapelle, Vishal Singh, and Chris Ball
Students develop an international perspective in Hungary

January 9, 2023

Sophia Lachapelle ’22, MBA ’23, and Clayton Romanok ’23 recently completed life-changing experiences in Europe — helping them to gain practical experiences and build the foundations for success.
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Internships and Partnerships

Budapest is not only a political capital but also a business center for the region with thousands of local and international companies and countless internship and networking opportunities.

We work with each interested student to arrange an internship or research opportunity appropriate for their skills and interests. Currently, we have several regular partners who reserve open positions for Quinnipiac students.

Current partner institutions:

Exclusive Internship with Morgan Stanley

Quinnipiac has a special agreement with Morgan Stanley for students interested in business, data science, economics or finance. Morgan Stanley offers a Quinnipiac-exclusive paid internship that is part-time during the semester and requires students to stay an extra month or two working full-time during the summer. Additionally, students are connected with the broader Morgan Stanley offices to maximize their network of professional contacts. Interested students must apply through a special process. Please email Chris Ball for more details and to apply.

Alumni Events and Networking

Quinnipiac has held regular programs in Hungary since 2008 and now boasts a large, professional alumni base that works in a wide range of global businesses and politics. Students in QU in BP can attend alumni networking events and arrange other meetings with local and international students through our alumni network.

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