The Graduate Financial Aid Self-Service portal allows you to manage your financial aid information each step of the process. For instance, you can confirm all necessary documents have been received (within 24 hours of submission), determine if any paperwork is outstanding, and review and accept your award package. You can also send an email to our office through the self-service portal.

Once you have been accepted into a Quinnipiac graduate program, you will be sent an email with the information on how to begin accessing the portal.

New Student Account Setup and Login Instructions

Instructions for new students

1. Go to the Quinnipiac University password reset system and follow the steps to set up your login credentials.

2. Log into the Financial Aid Self-Service system with your Quinnipiac user name and password.

If you are having difficulty creating your Quinnipiac account, please call our Technology Center at 203-582-HELP (4357) for assistance.

Taking Action on your Awards

Once you have been awarded, your Financial Aid checklist will indicate the steps required to review your financial aid package and confirm your award letter.  

  • For scholarships: You will see the amount you have received, but it is pre-accepted and will not allow you to accept or decline the actual award.
  • For loans: You will need to take action and accept, modify or decline these awards.  If you decide to modify your loans the financial aid staff will review your request before any final actions can be taken on the fund.  If you do not complete these step, your awards will remain in a pending status and funds will not be sent to the University.

Accepting loans or grants

  1. Click on My Awards – Accept, decline or modify each award as indicated.
  2. Click on Award Letter – Review the award letter and confirm the information, check the box to finalize and “Accept” and submit your awards.  By accepting, you agree and confirm your understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions surrounding your financial aid.
  3. If you wish to print a copy of your award letter, click on the “Award Letter” icon in the upper left corner of the page.
  4. Return to Financial Aid Checklist – Review checklist to determine if any additional steps are needed.

Please remember: If you decide to modify or decline your student loans and later wish to receive the funds you can do so as long as it is before the end of the semester. You will need to notify our office so we can modify your award package.