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Suzanne S. Hudd is a Professor of Sociology. She has taught at Quinnipiac University for more than 20 years and with previous teaching appointments at Yale University and The College of William and Mary. Professor Hudd began her career at Quinnipiac as Associate Dean, and then Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences before transitioning to the faculty. Hudd worked with the Quinnipiac Writing Across the Curriculum program for over a decade as a trainer, co-director and director. She currently serves on the Editorial Board for Teaching Sociology. Her research is multi-faceted including publications in the scholarship of teaching and learning and issues related to morality such as character development programming and sportsmanship. Her most recent publication The Athlete’s Covenant: The Moral Transformation of Team Players (Lexington Publishers 2019) describes the everyday, informal set of rules that guide players ultimately transforming their individual motivations and aspirations into collective obligations.


  • BA, Yale University
  • MA, Yale University
  • MPH, University of Connecticut
  • PHD, Yale University


  • Sociology

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  • Modular 3 133

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  • CL-AC1