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Wellness and Student Experience

Listening Labs

Listening Labs aim to foster connection between students through structured and effective sharing. Labs are judgment-free, advice-free, welcoming spaces where students can be heard and connect deeply with their peers. The goal is to help connect students with each other, and take active steps toward combating feelings of isolation and loneliness.

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How Listening Labs Work

We offer “embedded” Listening Labs by request to students, faculty and staff across the university.

  • Labs can be 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes in length.

  • Labs are available for the start, end, or in lieu of classes, meetings, athletic practices or any other gatherings of students on campus.

  • All Labs include a blend of large and small-group listening activities, as well as structured partner sharing.

Sample activities include:

  • Reflective listening

  • Repeated question-sharing and listening

  • Responding to prompts

  • Mindful listening

Listening Labs are led by students, faculty and staff from across Quinnipiac who have been trained to implement Listening Labs and facilitate connections across campus.

Request a Listening Lab

Listening Labs can be embedded into nearly any experience across campus. Faculty and staff can request a Listening Lab for their class or office. Students can request a Listening Lab for their club, residence hall or gathering. The possibilities are endless. If your goal is connection, Listening Labs are a great vehicle.

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